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Deep Neural network and Shallow neural networks (i2tutorials)

Explain Deep Neural network and Shallow neural networks?

Ans: Shallow neural networks give us basic idea about deep neural network which consist of only 1 or 2 hidden layers. Understanding a shallow neural network gives us an understanding into what exactly is going on inside a deep neural network A neural network is built using various hidden layers. Now that we know the computations that occur in a particular layer, let us understand how the whole neural network computes the output for a given input X. These can also be called the forward-propagation equations.

Deep learning 13 (i2tutorials)

  1. The first equation calculates the intermediate output Z[1]of the first hidden layer.
  2. The second equation calculates the final output A[1]of the first hidden layer.
  3. The third equation calculates the intermediate output Z[2]of the output layer.
  4. The fourth equation calculates the final output A[2]of the output layer which is also the final output of the whole neural network.

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