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From science fiction to science fact: Modern developments in the field of artificial intelligence

From Amazon to Facebook to Google and Microsoft, the world’s top and most influential technology companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI).

In the next few years,  artificial intelligence will be used in a variety of processes in almost all areas . As time goes on, we expect machine learning to become the norm . Sooner or later, artificial intelligence will become a must-have tool for developers. Initially, it may only improve the existing process, but one day it will achieve complete innovation.

Today’s top five global market capitalization companies point to the same development goal: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the development path and direction of the post-Internet era. The country has also introduced five artificial intelligence innovation platforms. It can be said that the spring of artificial intelligence is coming soon.

Artificial intelligence is divided into five areas: natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, expert systems, and cross-disciplinary fields. Today, I will talk about the interesting application of artificial intelligence in life through the six directions of artificial intelligence to help people better understand artificial intelligence and enjoy the convenient life brought by technology.

First aspect: natural language processing:

Natural language processing is a science that integrates linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. Natural language processing is not a general study of natural language, but a computer system that can effectively realize natural language communication, especially the software system among them, computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, computer and human (natural) language. The field of interaction between. The purpose of natural language processing is to implement various theories and methods for effective communication between humans and computers in natural language.

Second aspect: speech recognition:

Speech recognition is an interdisciplinary subject. The areas covered by speech recognition technology include: signal processing, pattern recognition, probability theory and information theory, vocal mechanism and auditory mechanism, artificial intelligence, and so on. Voice communication with the machine, let the machine understand what you are saying, this is what people have long dreamed of, and now artificial intelligence turns this ideal into reality and takes it into our daily life.

The third aspect: computer vision:

Computer vision is a science that studies how to make a machine “look”. Further, it refers to the use of cameras and computers instead of human eyes to identify, track and measure machine vision, and further graphic processing to make computers Processing becomes an image that is more suitable for human eye observation or transmission to the instrument for detection. Through computer vision, the computer will process images that are more suitable for human eye observation or transmitted to the instrument for detection. The main task of computer vision is to obtain three-dimensional information of the corresponding scene by processing the captured picture or video.

Fourth aspect: expert system:

The expert system is the most important and most active application field in artificial intelligence. It refers to the knowledge and experience of a large number of experts in a certain field. It uses the knowledge and problem solving methods of human experts to deal with the problems in this field. Intelligent computer program system. It is usually based on the knowledge and experience provided by one or more experts in a field to make inferences and judgments, to simulate the decision-making process of human experts, and to solve complex problems that require human experts to deal with.

Fifth aspect: cross-use in various fields:

In fact, the application of the four aspects of artificial intelligence is more or less involved in other fields, but the most prominent aspect of cross-application is the intelligent robot. A robot is a machine that automatically performs work. It can accept human command, run pre-programmed procedures, or act on principles that are based on artificial intelligence techniques. Its mission is to assist or replace the work of human work, such as production, construction, or dangerous work.

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