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Games that are Easy to Code

Games that are Easy to Code

When one first starts learning to code, there is nothing wrong with mimicking completed works to learn the basics and get a feel for the process. Most courses on the subject will recommend replicating a finished product to better understand the ins and outs of completing such a project before attempting to create a new work from scratch.


If you want to learn how to code games, it’s best to take a look at some games that are easy to code to learn from an existing model and get some experience. It might feel a bit simplistic, but it’s in a beginner’s best interest to focus on the basics before broaching more complicated topics and risk getting overwhelmed by advanced code.


There are lots of great examples out there for beginner programmers to look at when it comes to games with simple code. The mobile games market, in particular, is a great source of simple, easy-to-code titles. Remember that whatever code goes into a game mainly has to do with a game’s rules. With that in mind, one should consider games with simple rules.



Blackjack is a great first choice, and one often used by college-level programming classes. Putting together a blackjack game (without betting) only requires setting up a random number generator for a deck of cards and a basic scoring system, which will need an included clause for busts.


8-Ball Pool

For those looking for more advanced training, 8-Ball Pool is a title that both beginner and established programmers have long used to hone their skills and make a name for themselves. The code for a game of pool can be as complicated or as simple as the programmer wants and can focus on simple vectors or more advanced directional physics systems. There is also a growing market for simple mobile games like this, and several websites exist where players can buy 8-Ball Pool Coins to enhance their experience.



A true classic and arguably the first video game ever coded. Pong is as simple as it gets in terms of scoring and rules. However, this choice can be adapted to become more advanced as programmers flesh out their skills, allowing them to include a second input for multiplayer or write out a simple code for a bot opponent. Don’t be worried, though, all that needs to be done is to tell the bot to move their paddle towards the ball.

Keeping it Simple

Too often, new programmers lose their passion for the craft by taking on a task that is too complex or beyond their capabilities right from the start. Remember that the best games aren’t made in a day, and programmers working for high-end companies all had to start somewhere. Coding doesn’t have to be a technical nightmare, so keep it simple and take on projects that match your skill level, whatever that may be.


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