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Google Analytics – Behavior reports


When you set up Google Analytics on your site, you’ll have the capacity to see absolutely how guests interface with your site. The accompanying Behavior reports in Google Analytics are intended to enable you to enhance your guests’ encounters, address their issues and guide them toward change.


Behavior Overview

The Behavior Overview report centers around individual pages of your site, instead of the whole site. It gives you a diagram of site hits, normal time spent on each page, bounce rate and exit rate. You can likewise audit how the substance is performing by page URLs, titles, Events and search terms.

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Behavior Flow

Like other stream reports that Google Analytics offers, the Behavior Flow report gives you a chance to envision the way guests made a trip starting with one page then onto the next. This report enables you to find what content is generally captivating. It indicates how individuals touch base at the site (presentation page) and where they go from that point (associations) just as leave (drop-off) focuses. Note that the Behavior Flow report can likewise be utilized to picture pages and Events (video plays, for instance).

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Site Content

The Behavior Analysis Site Content reports center around simply that – your site content. They show what content is additionally captivating and successful. In view of this data, you can see how well your substance truly addresses your site’s targets:


All Pages –

This report demonstrates the adequacy of individual pages with a breakdown by site hits , normal time spent per page, number of entrances per that page, the page’s bounce rate and leave rate (how regularly individuals leave the site from that page), just as page esteem (exchange income + all out objective esteem)/special site visits.


Content Drilldown –

This report is like All Pages, yet as opposed to demonstrating a rundown of all pages on the whole site, it bunches them by parent segments. At the end of the day, you can see fundamentally, which top areas of the site are progressively critical (i.e., Products, Services, About Us) and after that penetrate down to singular pages inside these segments.


Landing Pages –

Landing Pages are the primary passage pages that guests get to when they touch base on your site. Notwithstanding showing indistinguishable measurements from the other Site Content reports, this report centers around the Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion display and incorporates change information that demonstrates the viability of these passage directs relating toward transformation.

As a rule, your most dynamic point of arrival isn’t your site landing page. Clients frequently enter your site through web crawler results, and on Event singular pages can beat the landing page (for instance, in the event that you are directing substance showcasing and have a viable article or a prominent advancement).

In the event that your points of arrival have a high bounce rate, or guests spend just a couple of moments on these pages, it is in all probability a pointer that these pages don’t live up to guests’ desires, or that they are not powerful in connecting with and holding your guests’ consideration.


Exit Pages –

Similar to Landing pages, Exit pages are the last pages that guests see while leaving your site. This report will reveal to you which pages are the principle drop-off focuses for your site. If they likewise happen to be your most critical points of arrival, maybe they are incapable in drawing in guests. Then again, if numerous guests leave your site from pages that finish up exchanges (like a “thank you” page following a buy or a data ask for), that is a marker your site is filling in as proposed.

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Site Speed

Your site’s speed assumes a basic job in the site’s capacity to change over. The present site guests are fretful, and if your site is moderate, they will proceed onward. As per Kissmetrics, inquire about demonstrates that your site can lose traffic at the normal rate of 7% every second of hold up time while your page loads. The loss rate for clients on cell phones is much higher. Google reported that site speed affects seek positioning in the inquiry monster’s outcomes. The quicker your site is, the better positions you will accomplish in query items. Site speed enhancement is incredibly specialized, so you ought to request that your web designer survey reports for development. The accompanying reports will encourage you and your web designer enhance your site for speed:



The diagram demonstrates your page stack times separated by segments and crosswise over various measurements (i.e., in various programs and in various nations). These numbers will uncover what segments of your site are slower and how the statistic is influenced.


Page Timings –

This report gives a breakdown of the pages that are the slowest to stack, so your web engineer can enhance them for better execution.


Speed Suggestions –

This report gives speed proposals to the pages that heap gradually. This report ought to be considered by your web engineer.


Client Timings –

This report enables the site proprietor to quantify timing of explicit Events or client connections. This report requires extra set-up that must be finished by your web engineer.

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Site Search

The present clients need to discover what they are searching for rapidly and easily, and neglecting to give the particular data they look for will result in lost guests and changes. In the event that your site has a hunt box, break down the sections to become familiar with the shared traits among the looked keywords. This gives fantastic understanding into the necessities of imminent clients. Google Analytics should be designed preceding following inquiry questions. Request that your web designer assist you with this progression, and afterward investigate the accompanying reports:



The Behavior Analysis Search Overview tells what number of your guests look through your site, the hunt terms your guests use and how your guests in this way draw in with your site.



This report gives the Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion breakdown between visits that incorporated an interior site look and those that did not. This gives you an incredible diagram of the inquiry highlight’s viability.


Search Terms

This report gives the breakdown of the famous pursuit terms your guests use, just as different parameters, for example, the Events they saw list items, exits from your site following hunt, time spent on the site coming about because of hunt, and so on. Checking on this information will demonstrate to you the points of interest of your guests’ desires for your site. The way that they look for it implies they have an intrigue, however it likewise discloses to you that they were not ready to discover it all alone. This can possibly mean there is opportunity to get better in site route and ease of use.


Pages –

Similar to look terms, this report demonstrates the breakdown of explicit pages that guests sought on your site. This information may uncover insufficiencies where site clients couldn’t discover what they needed on a specific page and depended on utilizing the inquiry tool.

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Events are client communications with your site that don’t require stacking a page, for instance, playing a video, printing a page, downloading a record, loving a page on Facebook, and so on. Since most information in Google Analytics originates from page loads (i.e., when a connection is clicked and the client is taken to another page on your site), setting up Events enables you to follow activities inside these pages. Events can be an important device that estimates the client’s conduct as it prompts a change.

For instance, suppose that you have a video implanted in your site’s landing page. You need the guests to watch the video that is intended to draw in them and, combined with suggestions to take action, drive them to transformation. How might you measure communications of your clients with this video? This can be accomplished by making utilization of Events. Setting up Events requires extra specialized set-up that ought to be finished by your web engineer. To start with, you ought to choose which Events you need to follow.

You can set up numerous Events in various classes (video, for instance), just as different activities, e.g., Play, Pause or Label (any extra data, for example, the title of the video). The more granular data you give, the simpler it will be to follow. For instance, you can follow Plays of the Video with the mark Main, or even better, perceive what number of these Plays lead to a change.



The Overview report gives you a chance to see the 10,000 foot view of Events all through your site, including the breakdown by classification, activity and name. Like objectives, you can appoint discretionary Event esteems to gauge their significance or effect. For instance, a video play can be an estimation of one, and if the client saw the whole video, it would rank a ten.


Top Events –

This report demonstrates to you the positioning of Events by the quantity of events, all out Event esteem, normal esteem, and so on.


Pages –

This report gives a breakdown of pages where Events occurred with the quantity of events, absolute Event esteem, normal esteem, and so on.


Events Flow –

The Events Flow report gives you a chance to picture the means guests took before an Event.

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In the event that you serve advertisements on your site utilizing Google AdSense, these reports will enable you to audit the execution of the promotions that you serve (e.g., eCPM, Unit Impressions). This requires connecting your AdSense record to your Analytics account (counsel your web engineer for help with that).

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Experiments are principally directed to enhance objective change and enable testing to figure out what page configuration is best in changing over your guests. Google Analytics has a worked in apparatus for setting going analyses on your site. A site page variety is chosen and tried for execution. Google Analytics can test up to five varieties of a page and keep running up to twelve analyses simultaneously.

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In-Page Analytics

In-Page Analytics enables you to make a visual appraisal of guests’ associations with your site. The information is shown as outwardly overlaying your site. This device enables you to survey the accompanying: did the guests center around the substance you needed them to see, did they get positive outcomes from their pursuit and did they tap on the suggestions to take action that you needed. Google Analytics has a ton of data to offer:


Control Bar –

When you open this report, Analytics shows your site with different measurements outwardly overlaid on your site. The control bar over the highest point of the report gives you a chance to choose the measurements to show and conceal the shading scale for air pockets and to turn the program estimate representation on and off.


Show Bubbles –

The Bubbles demonstrate the connections site guests clicked. The numbers inside air pockets speak to the metric you picked in the control bar (taps on these connections, for instance).


Show Color –

The Color include applies diverse hues to rises of various qualities, which are like warmth maps.


Browser Size –

This slick element gives you a chance to see the bit of your site that is obvious to the chosen level of clients without looking over. For instance, in the event that you chose 80% in the control bar, the Analytics will demonstrate to you the segment of the page that at any rate 80% of clients can see without vertical or level looking over.