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Google Analytics – Dashboards


In this post, we are going to plunge somewhat more profound into utilizing Google Analytics dashboards with significantly increasingly free examples to bring into your record, tips on making dashboards, and even an elective tool to utilize.


What Are Google Analytics Dashboards

Google Analytics Dashboards are essentially accumulations of widgets that enable you to rapidly picture your information. You can have up to 20 dashboards with 12 widgets for each view/property in your Google Analytics account. Each view/property incorporates a default dashboard to kick you off.

To get to your dashboards, tap on Dashboards in the left side menu of your Google Analytics.

Dashboards 1 (i2tutorials)


Under the Private dropdown, you should discover a My Dashboard, which is your default dashboard.

Dashboards 2(i2tutorials)


This is the place you can get a vibe of what dashboards bring to the table.

Shared Google Analytics Dashboards to Download

An extraordinary aspect concerning dashboards is that you can discover a lot of wonderful models made by others to bring into your very own Google Analytics account. This can spare you a great deal of time and give you bunches of thoughts regarding how to utilize dashboards

At whatever point you locate a common dashboard, you should simply tap on the connection while signed in to your Google Analytics account, pick the property you need to add the dashboard to, and you are good to go.

Dashboards 3(i2tutorials)


This won’t make you share any information with the individual who made the dashboard. You will likewise not get other’s information from shared dashboard setups.

Step by step instructions to Create a Google Analytics Dashboard

If you didn’t discover what you are searching for in the above collections, you can likewise make your own. To make your very own dashboard, tap the +New Dashboard choice under the Dashboards menu.

You will inspire the alternative to utilize a clear canvas or a starter dashboard with test widgets made for you. The starter dashboard is best to discover how unique widgets function, and the examples can be erased whenever.

Dashboards 4(i2tutorials)


The first dashboard you will need to make ought to incorporate the best 12 things you check frequently in Google Analytics for every one of your sites. These could include:


Dynamic Visitors

Audience Overview


New versus Returning Visitors

Traffic Sources

Natural Keywords

Social Referrals

Top Content


Widget Creation


To make a widget, tap the +Add Widget in the best menu bar.

Dashboards 5(i2tutorials)


Here, you have a few different ways to show your information. Utilizing this example dashboard for reference.

Dashboards 6(i2tutorials)


You can see (from top to bottom, left to right) a case of the geomap, bar, pie, metric, timetable, and table widget types. Contingent upon the sort you pick, you will have a particular mix of measurements as well as dimensions to work with.

Dashboards 7(i2tutorials)


A standout amongst the best parts about your dashboard widgets is the capacity to connect them to explicit reports inside Google Analytics. Thusly, in the event that you need to see more information, you can tap on the widgets and go directly to the report you require.

Dashboards 8(i2tutorials)


If you visited the examples above, you most likely have a lot of incredible dashboard thoughts as of now. My undisputed top choices are ones that show insights concerning dynamic guests, changes, traffic sources, top substance, custom battles, and group of onlookers socioeconomics/innovation data.


Sharing Your Dashboards

 If you have different site properties in your Google Analytics account, you can send out your dashboards from one property and import them into another so you don’t need to make them once more. To do this, tap on Share in the best menu bar and after that pick Share layout interface.

Dashboards 9(i2tutorials)


Duplicate and paste the URL into your program’s location bar, pick the view you need to add the dashboard to, and click Create. This will add your dashboard to another site/property in your Google Analytics account.

You can get familiar with making and utilizing dashboards in the Google Analytics Help Center.


In Conclusion…

Google Analytics dashboards enable you to make visual alternate ways to the most imperative information inside your Google Analytics account. In case you’re prepared to quit fooling around about Google Analytics dashboards, you can either make your very own or look over the some free, shared dashboards all through the web. To think about Google Analytics dashboards from various locales at once, or close by other imperative business information, you can utilize instruments like Cyfe.