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HEALTH AT SCALE (i2tutorials)


  • Category:- Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Health Care, Health Insurance, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics
  • Domain:- Machine intelligence
  • Founders:- Zeeshan Syed
  • Established:- Jun 2015
  • Number:- 11-50
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Early Stage Venture
  • Website:- https://www.healthatscale.com/
  • Country:- San Jose, California, United States
  • Latest in news:- HEALTH[at]SCALE raised $16,000,000 / Series A from Optum


AI is now the trendy topic to use for every sector like health, education, technology and so on globally. HEALTH at SCALE based in 2015. It started to unravel the matter of transferal preciseness delivery to preciseness drugs. We are on a mission to match the world’s patients to the proper treatments by the appropriate suppliers at the correct times, at essential points across the care time.

Our company is semiconductor diode by a world-renowned team of machine learning and clinical school out of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and U-Michigan. Our team has provided thought-leadership to the aid computing and machine learning house for the last two decades, and has deep experience in predictively optimizing complicated care choices each at the individual and also the system-level. We connect AI system globally with different medical technologies and methods. Advance methods and technologies of Artificial Intelligence developing the medic sector rapidly and easy to process.

We own the world’s largest and most active AI community of different countries and boast twenty years of expertise in technology and colossal scale pageant vogue summits. We aligned with the global organization property development goals, and our “why” is to confirm that rising technology is inclusive, equitable, and safe.

AI creation brings a new era for medical science and health technologies. It helps medical operations and medicines become fully organized so that the medical technology can easily heal people’s health. We specialize the rising technologies and communities to confirm that they are developed and adopted. How are inclusive and equitable, so that the techniques we tend to produce work for all people, not merely a privileged few.

Our events and comes are reflective of this – we tend to are at the forefront of not merely discovering the world’s problems, however shaping the solutions. They’re structured with the world organization SDGs. Every specific AI applications strategic outcomes are each in terms of content. Using artificial intelligence inhealthcare enables analysis and made different solutions for medics. Usage of complex medical data and information to suggest and predict care plans.

HEALTH at SCALE’s platform and applications integrate elementary advances in computing and machine learning for deeply customized prediction mistreatment info in typically crying fragmented and longitudinally-evolving care datasets. Our AI technology will help people in their medics, develop different medical solutions and help them to lead a healthy life. From addressing information quality problems to learning correct models capable of managing advanced multi-factorial information to ascendable and secure software-as-a-service applications that will host on-premise. Within the public cloud to deliver prophetic preciseness recommendations at points of care, our solutions are designed from the bottom up for max operational care impact. Our specialized machine intelligence technologies are incontestable in prospective studies with leading payers and suppliers to considerably improve outcomes and prices. Use of the company’s platform and applications is apace growing, with the company’s solutions among the essential deployments so far of machine learning for care, serving to payers and suppliers manage tens of variant people in live production settings.

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