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Here’s What Modern Marketing Should Look Like: 18 Examples Of Combining Creativity And Innovation

A kettle with Wi-Fi, a transparent car, an android cashier and some examples of using high technologies in marketing. They will tell you how to effectively apply innovations and beat competitors.

1. Box

In every Russian court there is a “box” – a fenced soccer field where local teenagers play. Perhaps some of them even do it well and have great potential. But who will know about it …

To give the guys the opportunity to be noticed and sign a contract with a professional club, Nike launched the K11 project. The company installed cameras and special buttons in the “boxes”. If the player thought he had played cool, he would push the button, and the last 30 seconds of the game would be sent to the Nike scouts

2. Neighborhood

To take credit for starting a business, there must be confidence in the profitability of the business. And, perhaps, the absence of this confidence is the main objection of potential bank customers. It was this insight that was the basis of the Sberbank advertising campaign.

3. “All possible” button

The assortment of IKEA presents about 10,000 positions. Walking through the maze of an offline store, the buyer will see hundreds of products and just grab what he was not going to. On the site, no one goes to sections in search of something interesting. Users come to him purposefully, for specific things.

4. Sound of change

On the street, we sometimes meet homeless musicians who sing or play no worse than pop stars. Most stray artists barely have enough money to exist, let alone record tracks. Therefore, they remain unknown.

5. In the sun

To the release of the album “On the Sun” of the group “AuktYon” Great Agency has developed an application. When you look at the sun through the camera with this program, they start playing songs from the album.

6. Transparent truck

Usually on single-lane roads trucks create kilometer traffic jams. And because of the fact that heavy trucks do not see cars passing on an opposite,

attempts to overtake often lead to car accidents.

7. Useful retargeting

Retargeting banners are terribly besyat. Show the same thing, let it you do not need. Proximity decided to turn technology into a benefit for users by creating a “Banner that makes you love banners” for the Post-it brand.

8. Musical night

The festival “Ural musical night” is annually held in Yekaterinburg. As a rule, to such events they hang up ordinary outdoor advertising and set up retargeting on the Internet. But the agency “Voskhod”, which was entrusted with advertising the festival, took the task with a much larger share of creativity.

9. Parmesan against sanctions

After the introduction of sanctions in Russia, it became almost impossible to get real Italian Parmesan or prosciutto. But Don Giulio from Verona, the owner of the Italian shop in Moscow, decided to convince the Russians in this, asking the agency 23 for help.

10. Do not rush

About 200,000 people a year are injured or die in car accidents due to speeding. But social advertising with stock music and the terrible statistics of people is absolutely not scary and does not attract attention.

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