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How can we compare the Neural Network with Human Brain (i2tutorials)

How can we compare the Neural Network with Human Brain?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence is developed by taking the inspiration from the Human Nervous system. But it is not exactly similar to Human Brain Nervous system, which is very complex in nature when compared to ANN. But everything in ANN is extracted from the Human Nervous system such as, In Human Neuron cell we have dendrites to receive and send signals to other neurons, In the same way we have Input and Output cells in Perceptron. Hidden Layers in ANN represents Axon in Human Neuron cell.

  • Field of application: ANNs are specializedThey can perform one task. Biological neural networks can learn completely new tasks.
  • Signal transport and processing: The human brain works asynchronously, ANNs work synchronously.
  • Parameter count: Humans have many billions of adjustable parameters. Even the most complicated ANNs only have several million learnable parameters.
  • Training algorithm: ANNs use Gradient Descent for learning. Human brains use something different.
  • Processing speed: Single biological neurons are slow, while standard neurons in ANNs are fast.
  • Topology: Biological neural networks have complicated topologies, while ANNs are often in a tree structure.
  • Power consumption: Biological neural networks use very little power compared to artificial networks.
  • Training time: Biological networks usually don’t stop / start learning. ANNs have different fitting (train) and prediction (evaluate) phases.

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