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How many types of image filters in OpenCV?

Filters generally use many pixel for computing each new pixel value but point operations can use one pixel to perform an image processing. The filters can use for blurred or fuzzy the local intensity of image to make it smooth. The idea is to replace every pixel by the average of its neighbor pixels.

Type of filters:

we can classify the filters in to 2 type .

  • Linear filter
  • Non linear filter

Linear filter:

The convolution of matrix pixels and kernel matrix to reduce intensity of image, that is blurring the image.

There are 3 types of linear filter

  • Box filter
  • Gauss filter
  • Laplace filter or Mexican hat filter

Non Linear Filter:

Using some non linear function from the source pixel value. The idea is to replace the target pixel value with its neighbor pixels value from some ordering mechanism or function.

There are many types of Non Linear Filter but in this article I will show you just 3 of them

  • Minimum Filter
  • Maximum Filter
  • Median Filter

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