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How Much does it Hiring Remote React Developers Key Aspects & Cost

How Much does it Hiring Remote React Developers Key Aspects & Cost


Hiring a React developer is an arduous task. On top of it, finding a developer confirming your requirements and budget is like finding a nail in a haystack. You need to address several variables during the process to fulfil requirements against the allocated budget.


This article discusses factors that affect the cost of hiring React developers. Hire React developers with us at a competitive price.


Variables Influencing The Cost Of Hiring Dedicated Remote React Developers


The first step toward hiring React developers is the project budget. To find the cost of hiring developers, consider the following points:


Size Of The project

Product development teams have to consider the size of their app when deciding on the cost of its development. Size is a factor that should be considered when deciding on the number of features and functions that a product should have.


Depending on the business need, the more features a product will have, the more features it will need to be developed. The higher number of functionality typically requires more resources to be invested in the development.


Small-scale Projects

If the project size is small, you don’t have a full-fledged team of developers. Moreover, it has basic features and fewer integrations which leads to a reduction in development cost and time.


Medium-scale Projects

Generally, medium-size projects require more developers than small-scale projects. These projects may include chat features, search features, and several integrations. So the cost of hiring a React developer is slightly higher.


Large-scale Projects

These projects often consist of dozens of functionalities, several integrations, and stringent security measures. In short, you can’t help but hire a team of experienced React developers, project managers, and QA.


Here, one feature is connected to another; thereby, managing the code is difficult and requires more time to develop applications. The cost of developing such applications is significantly higher than medium-scale projects.


Engagement Models

Engagement models refer to flexible hiring solutions. These models are next-generation hiring solutions that combine the best technology with industry-leading service to help you find a candidate and onboard them quickly and efficiently. Following are the various engagement models to hire React developers:


Dedicated Developers

Dedicated React developers can hire from an offshore web & app development company that provides staff augmentation services. Before inquiring about the same, you need to decide the team size of dedicated developers according to your requirements. If you are not sure, you can ask the outsourcing company to make a requirement analysis.


The best thing about sourcing developers from offshore development companies is that they do the hiring, vetting, and onboarding for you. On top of that, you are free to upscale or downscale your developers’ team.


Moreover, you don’t have to worry about managing the team; dedicated React developers are self-managed.


Fixed Price Model

You should opt for this engagement model when the project has limited scope, and there is no requirement of adding new features or updating the app. In this model, cost, time, and features (to be provided in the app) are constrained.


Once these variables are frozen, it would be difficult to introduce changes at the later stage of the project. So, make a clear and perfect project definition at the beginning itself.


Feature Complexity

One of the parameters that decide the cost of hiring React developers is feature complexity. The more complex features required in a project, the higher the cost will be because only an experienced React developer will be able to develop successfully. And experienced developers come at hefty prices.


However, you cannot and should not cut down the features for the sake of saving initial cost. Only features can help you to stand apart from your competitors.


Simple features such as login/sign up, add to cart, search, and push notifications can be managed by junior developers. When it comes to implementing chat features, AR/VR, payment integration, and video streaming, you need expertise. Only an experienced developer can provide the same and implement complex features.


Basic Skills Required

A React developer should know a few different skills to effectively develop React applications. Following is the list of skills:


HTML: It is a vital part of building websites and applications. The development of websites and apps relies on the ability to interact with the user’s browser, and it relies heavily on the use of HTML.


CSS: CSS has been improving at a fast pace. It’s now used as an advanced protocol for styling view parts of the screen. CSS is not just a tool for designers. It can also be used by developers who want to create responsive web apps.


JSX: React is all about JSX. It is somewhat similar to HTML, and if a developer knows HTML, one can work with JSX also. It is an abstraction of React.createElement() API.


Time Restrictions

Time is an essential factor while developing a react application. Considering the complexity of the project, if the time is less, then development cost will increase proportionately, or in some cases, it may not be possible to develop it. If your application is complex and has multiple features, then you should get the development work started a minimum of six months prior to the launching.


A small-scale project with a handful of features takes about three to four weeks to code and test. Whereas in the case of an enterprise-scale application timeline cannot be decided unless we have detailed requirements. So, it is best to start early as possible.


Cost Of Hiring React Developers

 Let’s discuss how seniority and location affect the cost of hiring React developers:


On The Basis Of Experience

What experience of developers is required depends upon the complexity of the project. With the increasing complexity, the prerequisite bar for developers goes high.


Senior React developer

A React developer with 5 to 8 years of experience falls into the senior-level category. These developers play a vital role in the planning of the development process and monitor the process closely.


Intermediate React developers

They are the ones who code the applications and guide the junior developer if required, and are responsible for converting the wireframe into the functional user interface.


Junior React developer

Freshers or developers having 1 to 3 years of experience falls into this category. They assist intermediate developers regarding development activities.



Geographic location is an important factor when hiring React developers. Every country/location has its own remuneration and demand & supply equations; based on that, price varies.



In Asia, India is home to a pool of React developers. You can easily find Indian offshore web development in your budget. Not only are Indian developers affordable, but they are also technologically advanced.



In Europe, London and Ukraine are buzzing with React developers. But, if you compare the cost, it is significantly high compared to Asia against the same skill sets.


Wrap Up

These are the factors that you need to take into consideration while hiring React developers. We hope you can estimate the cost of developing React apps after reading this article.


EnProwess is an offshore software and mobile app development company that is equipped with a team of talented React developers. If you are looking forward to hiring React developers, drop an inquiry with us. For more information, please visit our website.


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