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How to choose a site developer? Tips for choosing a web design studio

In our dynamic century, there are many website design studios that offer administrations for the development of websites, support, specialized help. Some of them offer high caliber, sensible terms and costs, others – the development of sites rapidly and economically. Be that as it may, whom to incline toward? How to decide the professionalism of a web-studio and which website design studio to pick?

A few simple tips will help you make this difficult choice.

Council first

What you have to begin with is to see your very own web-studio website, which you consider as a potential entertainer of your request. Do you like this site? Is the route clear? How quick does it stack? How is shown in various programs? Remember that the website of a web-design studio is its face, virtual office, and self-advertising tool. If you don’t like your own web-studio site, it’s unlikely that you will enjoy their implementation of your order.

Council of the second
Do not forget to pay attention to the domain name of the web studio. What is it like? What is the domain level? Typically, good professional web design studios have a second domain level – www.site_name.ua (com, net). If the site address looks like www.site_name.ucoz (narod, freehosting, etc.), then this indicates that the studio is hosted on a free hosting. And whether a studio that has not taken care of the quality of its domain name can become a contractor for your order is up to you.

Council of the third
Pay attention to the experience of web studios in the market of web design services. How long has the studio been? Evaluate the quantity and quality of work performed by the studio – they are usually placed in the portfolio of a web studio. At the same time, do not be lazy to go to some of the sites from the portfolio that you like the most and conduct usability testing for yourself. Again, note if you like these sites.

Council of the fourth
Make sure that the sites listed in the web studio portfolio are really fulfilled by it. To do this, just look at one of the lower corners of the site – there will be a so-called copyright, i.e. data about the studio developing the site. In addition, you can call one of the companies whose site is in the portfolio, and personally hear the impressions of this web design studio.

Council of the fifth

When the preliminary “virtual” acquaintance is completed, it’s time to get acquainted with “real”.

Be that as it may, you ought not promptly hurried to twelve locations, it will be sufficient to pick 3-5 most pulled in web studios. Please note that the specialists of a professional web design studio will most likely schedule you a meeting in their office. For you – this is a big plus. You can make sure that the studio still has an office. This is the first. What’s more, besides, you can assess how the workplace of the web-studio and the group of its representatives compare to the level and cost of work proclaimed.

Sixth Council
Remember that more expensive does not mean better, but cheaper is more profitable. The cost of the order is determined by the complexity of the project, its scale, the amount of time-consuming.

The administrations of large web design studios  occupied with extensive scale complex undertakings will cost you more than the administrations of little web studios.

Council of the seventh
After reviewing the assignment, the staff of a good professional web studio will most likely switch immediately to a discussion of work issues, and may offer their solutions, arguing them. If you agree with everything, do not try to find out any technical details and are ready to immediately start developing the site – most likely you have chosen a low-level web-studio.

Council of the eighth :
Assess the competence of the team of web design studio. If “a jack of all trades” works in the studio, which “is both a carpenter, a painter, and a carpenter”, then your cooperation will most likely not bring good results. If in the studio team there are specialists of all the necessary profiles, then you can talk with them about your project, about how they see its implementation.

Council of the ninth :
It is best to pay attention to web studios that provide a full range of services: website development , promotion , technical support , and hosting . Then you do not have to wrestle with in case of need to refine or make any changes to the already finished site.

Council of the tenth :
When the web design studio is finally selected – enter into a contract. The work “on parole” – is not beneficial to you or the web studio.

It is possible that you will find other criteria for assessing the professionalism of web design studios. These ten rules are intended only to send – the final decision is always yours! But remember value reliability, high quality, and professionalism of performance.

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