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How to create a website on WordPress: a complete guide for beginners

What is WordPress?

WordPress is simply the best content management system available today. It allows you to easily create, edit and manage published content on your site without having to learn programming. Under WordPress today more than 25% of sites on the Internet work.Contrary to popular belief, WordPress is not just a platform for bloggers. You can also use WordPress for landing pages, corporate websites, online stores, professional portfolios and much more.

Benefits of using WordPress?

Saving money

Creating a website for any purpose

Manage the site yourself

Thousands of patterns to choose from

The ability to pump the site using plugins

Setting up the site in five minutes

Friendly interface

Support and updates

Mobile support

Improved security

Easy SEO

Open a business blog

Convenient content management

Turn your website into an online store

Create your social network

Integration of third-party services

Translate website into another language

Customize your design

Make a website with premium membership

Improved marketing solutions

How to make a website on WordPress: the most simple and short instruction

First you need to add a new site to the hosting that you chose. Before that, you need to register a domain for the new site. We decided in this article not to describe the details of domain registration. Instructions on this topic abound.

If hosting allows (and 90% of modern hosting sites allow), you can and should connect the free HTTPS protocol Let’s Encrypt to the domain. Usually, it’s enough to press one button or tick one. Now we don’t mention paid HTTPS protocols, because the article, as already mentioned, is for beginners who need a simple website without too much functionality. For such sites enough free Let’s Encrypt.

Then you need to create a database. If you suddenly decide to use the hosting “Sprinthost”, the screenshot below will help you. It is necessary to select the “Databases” item, and then click on the “Create a database” button.

Now you need to download the latest version of WordPress. You can always find it at the link: https://wordpress.org/download/ .

After that, you need to upload the downloaded files to the hosting. It is better to do this using FTP (the hosting should have detailed instructions), but it is also possible using the capabilities of the admin panel of hosting. On Sprinthost, you need to go to the “File Manager” section, select the desired site by clicking on the “Go to Site” tab, and then use this green button marked with an arrow.

At this stage you need to type the link https: // site / wp-admin in the browser line. That is, you need to add / wp-admin to the address of your site.

When this window appears, enter the database name, username and password. Pay attention to the “Prefix tables”. It is advisable to specify a unique prefix. Such a simple procedure should increase the safety of your resource (to protect against so-called SQL injections). We also want to say about the “Database Server” item. In 99% of cases there is nothing to change. Leave the inscription localhost and click the “Send” button.

At this stage, you need to enter the site name, username, password and a working Email. It says that you can not worry, because all the settings can be changed. However, if you are creating a site on WordPress for the first time, we strongly recommend that you take care to fill all the fields very carefully. It is especially important to use a reliable, valid Email and keep your password in a safe place. It’s better to come up with your password right away. If you leave the one that generated WP, ​​you will always have to copy it from a text document. Remember the combination of numbers and characters that offers WordPress unrealistic. It is also advisable to choose a unique username. This also plays a small role in enhancing the security of the site. The banal the name (like Admin), the easier it is to access the admin panel for attackers.

Now you need to enter the name and password that you invented in the previous step.

That’s it! You have a fully functional website. Right now you can add a page “About us” and a page with a beautiful description of your services and start receiving benefits from it.

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