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How to Find Any Song Online?


With millions of tracks at your fingertips, finding songs online has never been easier thanks to music streaming services, search engines, lyrics sites, and online music stores.


Whether that tune you can’t get out of your head or remember a favorite old album, a few simple search strategies, and the right websites make locating almost any song just a click away.

Leverage Lyrics to Identify Mystery Songs

Trying to identify a catchy song stuck in your head but only remembering a few lyrics? Lyrics sites can help pinpoint mystery tunes:

Search Key Lyrics on Google

Type distinctive song lyrics into Google search surrounded by quotes. Adding “lyrics” sometimes helps. The actual song or lyric sites listing the song should appear.

Utilize Lyrics Identification Sites

Sites like Midomi and Musixmatch have search functions where you sing, hum, or type lyrics to identify songs. Helpful for finding tunes when you don’t know the artist or title.

Browse Lyrics Sites’ Databases

If you recall several lyrics, browsing comprehensive song lyrics sites like AZLyrics and Genius can manually locate the song, which is listed with the artist and track info.

Leverage Online Forums

Post the lyrics you know on forums like Reddit’s r/TipOfMyTongue board asking other users to help identify the full song and artist. The crowd often cracks lyric mysteries.


With just a few recalled lyrics, you can now track down elusive songs thanks to search engines, identification services, and lyrics databases. No more annoyances trying to figure out unnamed earworms!

Search Music Services by Song Lyrics

If you can remember even one distinctive lyric line from a song, many streaming services and stores let you directly search just with lyrics to find matches:

Find Tunes on Spotify Using Lyrics

Spotify:search: [lyrics] into Spotify’s search box finds songs that contain the exact lyrics typed. Useful when you can recall a unique verse.

Search Apple Music’s Lyrics Library

In the iOS Music app, tap the search magnifying glass and select “Search Lyrics” to search Apple Music’s vast catalog by lyrics. Great for identification.

Use Amazon’s X-Ray Lyrics

The X-Ray Lyrics feature on Amazon Music lets you search by typing lyrics. It also shows real-time synced lyrics as songs play for karaoke-style fun.

Query Tunes by Lyrics on Pandora

While listening to a station on Pandora, tap the “…” icon and choose “search by lyrics” to have it find tracks containing specific lyric excerpts you enter.

Search On YouTube With Lyrics

Users can easily search on YouTube with the lyrics. It has a lots of data that will solve the misery you are facing but if you are in problem because you are blocked through YouTube, you can easily get youtube unblocked and find all the songs you want to hear.


searching for songs based on the lyrics you know makes music services like Spotify powerhouses for identifying mysterious earworms or half-forgotten favorites.

Dig Through Music Archives to Uncover Forgotten Songs

Can’t remember song details but want to rediscover forgotten favorites from the past? Diving into music archives helps resurface old tunes:

Browse Music Magazine Archives

Iconic music mags like Rolling Stone, Creem, and Spin have online archives listing reviews of albums by year. Jog your memory of albums you loved.

Consult Album Lists on BestEverAlbums

BestEverAlbums has categorized lists of the top rated albums by year and genre as voted by users. Great for stray memories of beloved records.

Check Your Streaming History

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music record your full listening history. Browse your library history and playlists from years past to uncover lost favorites.

Search Internet Archive’s Concert Recordings

The Internet Archive hosts a vast collection of legal live concert recordings spanning decades. Search artist bootlegs to find forgotten live renditions.

Leverage Music Forums

Post on music forums asking about forgotten albums from eras you enjoyed. Fellow music lovers will remind you of albums you may have missed but fit the vibe.

Searching archives, playlists, forums, and lists makes tracking down gems from the past you’d forgotten about enjoyable. Rediscover your old favorites!

Use Advanced Search Techniques to Pinpoint Difficult to Find Songs

Some songs have vague titles or common names that make them frustrating to directly search and find. Specialized strategies help pin down hard-to-locate tracks:

Search with Artist and Keywords

Typing the artist name plus song keywords, unique lyrics, album name, or release year into search engines like Google refines results for tough to find songs.

Filter by Date Range

If you know the approximate release date, search within specific date ranges on music services to omit irrelevant results and pinpoint the time period.

Identify Cover Songs

For cover songs, search the original artist and add “cover” to find specific covered versions. Alternatively, search the cover artist adding the original performer’s name.

Check Setlists from Concerts

For live recordings, search for artist setlists from specific tours and years. Match setlist songs to locate elusive live versions you want to re-find.

Utilize Music Databases

Resources like Discogs, MusicBrainz, and AllMusic have deep music metadata. Search them to uncover rare tracks with minimal identifying details.


These advanced tactics help overcome the challenges of tracking down hard-to-find or vaguely named songs when basic searches come up short.

You can search music by lyrics on Telegram which has channels that can help you and if you are blocked on this platform you can easily unban telegram and search all your favorite unfindable songs.



Finding any song online is easy if you know the artist and title. But even with only faint memories or lyrics, dedicated searching across music services, search engines, lyrics databases, and forums makes identifying all but the most elusive tunes very achievable.


Remember to leverage lyrics searches, filter by timeframes, and consult true music fans. With so many options at your fingertips, rediscovering forgotten favorites or finally figuring out that mystery tune is an addictively fun pastime for all music lovers thanks to the power of the internet.

What are some effective lyric search tips?

Use 2-3 of the most unique, uncommon lyrics in quotes on Google/YouTube. Add keywords like “song” “lyrics” and “music video”. Try alternate lyric lines. Browse lyrics sites and music service lyric search tools. Ask on forums.

What if I can only remember the melody?

Apps like Shazam, SoundHound, and Musixmatch can identify songs by humming or singing melodies. You can also record and upload clips of melodies to file-hosting sites and ask others to ID the song on music forums.

How do I find remixed or sampled versions of songs?

Search the original song name plus “remix” or the artist plus “remixes”. Look on sites like WhoSampled to find songs sampling the artist, or search the sampled lyrics. Check remix-focused channels on YouTube.

What are some effective search engines besides Google?

Yandex, DuckDuckGo, You.com, and DogPile are good alternatives. Their algorithms can sometimes surface different results. Search multiple engines to maximize finding obscure songs.

How can I find songs without knowing the artist or title at all?

This is the most challenging case. Try phrases describing the song’s details or mood. Post on forums seeking help identifying based on any details you recall. Listen to music playlists that may contain the song like playlists for movie soundtracks.


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