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How to Make a Website SEO-Friendly and Keep it That Way

How to Make a Website SEO-Friendly and Keep it That Way


The importance of having a well-thought-of and executed SEO strategy is not hidden from anyone. Businesses that rely heavily on online customers and traffic to their websites must invest in a sound SEO strategy to stay relevant in the field. A lax attitude here could easily set back a business at least a couple of years in their progress. However, to take advantage of a compelling SEO strategy, there is one thing that is even more crucial – an SEO-friendly website. Without an SEO-friendly website from a great web design Sydney agency, a business would never be able to take full advantage of their SEO campaign.


But how can one build an SEO-friendly and, more importantly, keep it that way? Let’s look at how such a thing is possible.


Create relevant and meaningful content for the website


The crucial factor which drives the SEO value of the website is the unique and relevant content that it contains. If the content on the site is not meaningful to the customer in any way, then regardless of how great one’s SEO strategy is, they will continue to struggle with the end result. This is the only thing one needs to keep in mind when they are trying to create SEO-friendly content for their site. Over-optimizing the content simply to rank better in the Search result is not a strategy that bore fruitful results anymore.


Another helpful tip when it comes to creating content on the site is in regards to how one organizes them. A logical website hierarchy content is another fundamental aspect in creating a website that is SEO-friendly and stands from the competitors. The aim should be to make it easier for visitors to find relevant information and hold their attention on the platform.


Use responsive design


It is the mobile searches that dominate the total online search, which is pretty understandable. With internet-abled devices in everyone’s hands, why would one search for something on their desktop? This is a stark contrast to what has been the standard only a decade ago. But it is the reality that businesses must accept to stay relevant in the online medium. And once they have accepted it, they can work on creating a mobile-friendly web-responsive design,


There is a significant difference between simply creating a site and one that is optimized for mobile users. The latter is better from an SEO perspective. Creating a responsive design is a vital part of the SEO process. The smoother the whole website UI/ UX is, the more potential it would have to retain the customers and maintain their attention. The longer the duration of a site visit, the better the site would perform in the SEO ranking.


A responsive design permits the website to adapt according to the device of the visitor. It ensures that website visitors get the best possible response from the website.


Use SEO Tools


While there is no denying that a website needs to be SEO optimized and should always be improving to stay ahead of its competitors, it is also crucial that one must maintain the SEO-friendly nature of their site. And this is where SEO tools come in handy. There are many different tools that one can take advantage of to ensure that their website SEO is performing per their expectation and whether or not a change of strategy is required. Here are a couple of SEO tools that will certainly be beneficial to every site administrator.


  • Foo’s Automated Lighthouse Check: This SEO tool monitors the quality of the web page using Lighthouse tech. One would get a detailed SEO report as well as the performance and accessibility reports of their website.
  • Google Search Console: One of the most used SEO tools that provide insights about the searched terms that are directing the traffic to the site.
  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tool: This will not only show the SEO performance of the site but would check for over 100 common SEO issues, which the site administrator can later rectify.




Creating a website that is SEO-friendly is one of the smartest decisions a business can make. With the powerful combination of an optimized SEO website and smart SEO strategies, a website can easily climb up the SERP rankings and quickly feature on the top pages.


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