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India secured 19th place in AI readiness ranking

In India Artificial intelligence is ranking at 19th place that examines 194 countries worldwide. The ranking is calculated on the basis of countries with strong economies, robust data infrastructure and strong systems of governance.

By International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Oxford Insights, the differences in AI readiness between governments may increase the risk that certain countries could become testing grounds. Furthermore, AI could magnify existing inequality if the unique context of each region is not considered.

In Asia, government AI Readiness Index covers 54 governments across the Asia-Pacific region. Two countries in the Asia-Pacific region are among the top ten globally AI readiness. It’s a symbol of uneven progress in government readiness and adoption of AI across the Asia-Pacific region. Hence, many governments in the region are working to develop national plans for accelerating AI adoption.

According to research China, currently sixth in Asia-Pacific and 21st globally in the current rankings, will rise in next year’s rankings because of the government’s strong focus on investing in AI capabilities.

As compared to other countries singapore is grappling with issues of explainable, transparent, and fair algorithms, as well as in practically incorporating considerations for competition, privacy, and ethics into its policy and regulatory frameworks, will be a useful resource for other governments as they formulate their own AI strategies.



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