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Indian car company Ola launches real-time customer AI monitoring system


Indian car company Ola is pushing a well-known AI real-time customer ride monitoring system for Ola Guardian. This set of driving monitoring system based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools is part of the company’s street security program, which is further built on the promise of enhancing India’s mobile ecosystem and riding on safety. It will be put into use in Delhi and Calcutta at the end of October and will be listed in other cities in India by the end of 2018.

Report Says:

“Ola Guardian is a real-time monitoring system that enhances customers’ safety and has been launched as a pilot in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune,” Ola said in a statement.

As part of the Guardian project, all the journeys that the vehicle is stopping will be tracked by the AI, and the fragmentation will also analyze the driving targets, such as road bias, unexpected and midway stops. The big data can be used to identify drivers who have been detoured and attacked female passengers and other illegal records, and recall the passengers.

The safety trigger in the piecemeal is controlled by the stroke time and other driving. In addition, the artificial intelligence must truly have the ability to interact with human emotions, otherwise it will always be a machine. The interaction between people makes sense because 70% and 80% of human interactions are emotions. The goal was stopped by Ola’s safety echo team.

How it works?

“After stopping the analysis of the data, the Ping An Responsive Team will contact the customer to evaluate any potential unsafe driving and provide assistance as needed,” added the statement.

The company said it is also working with the state government to map unsafe roads to monitoring platforms to improve fragmented functionality.

“After a project like Guardian, we believe in application technology to improve the overall security of the entire transportation industry,” said Ankur Agrawal, vice president of the company, in a statement. Agrawal added that after applying technology, the company aims to provide customers and drivers with safer roads and rides.


A few months ago, Ola also launched a technology-based self-timer certification in which the driver’s needs were self-portraits to verify his identity and shared with the Ola team in order to prevent pretending to drive through the platform.

These developments are an extension of Ola’s existing security measures, including driver collaboration peer verification, digital screening, emergency buttons and 24/7 customer service. Ola will continue to develop innovations in the process of creating mobility for one billion people.

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