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  • Category:- Analytics, Big Data, Health Care, Machine Learning
  • Domain:- Innovaccer is a leading healthcare data activation company committed to making powerful & enduring difference in the way care is delivered.
  • Founders:- Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija, Sandeep K Gupta
  • Established:- 2014
  • Number:- 251-500
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Early Stage Venture
  • Website:- https://innovaccer.com
  • Country:- San Francisco, California, United States
  • Latest in news:- Innovaccer Partners With Aunt Bertha to Boost Its SDOH Program With Seamless Community Resource Referrals


When it comes to healthcare, everyone knows how dangerous can self-diagnosis can be. People these days are self-diagnosing based on the symptoms they are facing and end up using wrong medication. This has become a huge problem over the years. Founded in 2014, we at Innovaccer provide the best data activation platform where the healthcare industry will be able to use data like ever before.

Innovaccer is a company where we integrate a vast amount of data and analyse it so that our data activation platform is able to provide you with the required data during the time of emergency. We have more than 600 data fields through which we have been collecting data through which the patients are able to receive private and customized information for their ailments. Whether it is quality management or data management, our data activation platform will be able to provide accurate data with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

With the data platform being available online and through an app, patients will be able to connect with the doctors without middlemen being involved and will be able to access the best healthcare services whenever they want and wherever they are. The products offered by us provide unique capabilities in each vertical.

InCare is an advanced care management tool where the healthcare industry will be able to provide better care management facilities to their patients and will be able to improve patient engagement with the hospital or the doctor. InGraph is another product offered by us that provides real-time reports about the risks, cost of the resources, quality and the utilization of the resources within one dashboard. The dashboard will help in analysing if or where the improvements are required and will alert you with risk models. With the dashboard you will be able to analyse the cost of care, resources, prepare better networking platforms and more, hence you will be able to provide quality healthcare services to your patient.

InNote is one of the best products in the healthcare industry. This product helps in providing the patient’s medical history at the physician’s screen within seconds. it also helps in providing the list of necessary actions to be taken in case of an emergency. InNote also helps in referring the specialists in the healthcare industry to the patients for further medical queries and helps in connecting with the physicians in a smarter way.

At Innovaccer, with our analytics tools, dashboards and automated processes; we are able to deliver insights and decisions to the physicians when required and the data is based on real-time data conversion. Our platform helps in connecting the patients with the best hospitals present throughout the United States of America and helps the healthcare industry in providing the best healthcare services to the customers.

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