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  • Domain:- Cost-effective and time-saving solutions for small and medium companies
  • Founders:-
  • Established:- 2005
  • Number:- 1-20
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:-
  • Website:- https://www.loginextsolutions.com
  • Country:- Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Latest in news:- logistics and field workforce management solutions are automated, effective, secure and can be seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms providing complete logistics automation.


Have you ever felt that what if your field services like the carriers and ships and vehicles, every means of transport that also includes your on-field workforce, can be tracked in real-time and all this on a single map interface? And this doesn’t end here what if you could plan and manage their delivery routes and capacities all in the most cost effective way? Welcome to LogiNext, they have solution to all transportation issues.

The loginext here provides real-time field workforce management. In the field of managing employees worldwide, visibility is the largest issue. Each single minute at a single map interface, loginext enable you to track the movements of field workers, track deliverers, track medical representatives, field technicians and other field workers ‘ resources.

About them:

They have the best logistics management software and they mean it when they say analytics. Based on predictive and big data analytics they have insights and visualizations. With the algorithm-enabled placement intelligence, logistical analytics will help you predict the future accurately and optimize your operations of logistic and field management services

Coming with an easy integration with multiple platforms, as an independent system, or as part of your current EFP / CRM / WMS / TMS, our logistics management software works like a charm for you, so you can create a streamlined working environment for your operators as well as your supervisors.

In field workforce and organizational management LogiNext is the most growing business inSaaS. LogiNext extends its global market with a reach in ten countries, offering field optimisation of work force, real-time tracking,automation of allocation of resources, long-haul and on-demand monitoring services for more than 250 business customers. LogiNext provides last-mile management services and handles on-request and reverse-logistics, in terms of staff management, long-haul monitoring and leadership.

The LogiNext is sponsored by One97 Communication Ltd and assisted by Alibaba. With professional and in-depth labor force and logistics analytics LogiNext leads the assets management industry

Then they have the last mile delivery and logistics management software wherein the mile provides the new miles in its full software solution for logistics management, ensuring that routine logistics expenses decrease by up to 30 per cent. Opt for Mile if your distribution channels, power, manpower, scheduling, exact geo-fencing and much more are to be automated and optimized. Loginext provides the state of art technology.

At last the loginext has the field work force management software. This solution involves handling workers in the field through the tracking, assessment and optimisation of field movements. The effective resource planning leads to productive use of salesmen, bank agents, engineers, plumbers etc, and to an optimum time management.  They have solution in real time for every issue, and all the solutions are sanctioned by technology.

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