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Machine Learning Introduction

Machine Learning is a field which is used to study the various data formats that can be processed by using the Algorithms and Statistical Models.

The processed results can be used for the predictions, classifications, or finding for other inferences.

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Machine Learning(ML) is one of the sub fields of Artificial Intelligence(AI).


Deep Learning (DL) is another sub field of both Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

In Machine Learning, we mainly deal with the below 3 things:

1. Data

2. Algorithms / Statistics

3. Programming

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1 .Data:

The word “DATA” looks very simple, but dealing with that is not as simple as we talk about it. Just this four letter word, so called “DATA” is the main aura of all businesses that require lot understanding to make some serious business decisions.

Data can be classified into several forms.

Typically, A Machine Learning Engineer works with the below top 4 forms of data very frequently listed below.

1 .Textual Data

2. Audio Data

3. Image Data

4. Video Data


2. Algorithms / Statistic Models:

An Algorithm is a machine Learning procedure which let the computer know about the required steps needed to solve a problem to derive a particular outcome.

Machine Learning Algorithms can be classified as 4 types:

1 .Supervised Learning

2. Semi-Supervised Learning

3. Un-Supervised Learning

4. Reinforcement Learning


Statistical / Mathematical Models will play a vital role in the driving the machine learning concepts in terms of Probability, Linear Algebra, Calculus etc.

So, the type of data chosen for a problem on which the machine learning would be applied by selecting the appropriate algorithm and selecting the proper statistical approach will create a best model to deploy as a solution.


3. Programming Languages:

You can do the above two steps by choosing any programming language which makes the life easy.

But, Choosing the right programming language makes the deal.

When you are going to pick the programming language, you may require to go through the few considerations like the one which is most popular in the industry, which has lot libraries, which has lot of community support etc.

Below are the list of most popular programming languages for machine learning.

1. Python

2. Java

3. R programming

4. C++

5. C

6. JavaScript

7. Scala

8. Julia

9. SAS



How to choose and build a best Machine Learning model ?

You will come to know by learning through this entire Machine Learning tutorial.