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MongoDB – Create Database:

Database in MongoDB is nothing but a logical storage of all collections created. A mongoDB server can have multiple databases.

By Default, when we install the mongoDB we will have 2 databases. To check the databases below is the command.

[root@i2mongo ~]# mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.6.9
connecting to: test
testset:PRIMARY> show dbs
admin  0.031GB
local  1.577GB

There is no command for creating database in specific for mongoDB. We need to define the database name which you want to use. Let us use a database called imongo.

testset:PRIMARY> use imongo
switched to dbimongo
testset:PRIMARY> show dbs
admin  0.031GB
local  1.577GB

Let us create a collection called students.
syntax:db.createCollection() to create collection manually

testset:PRIMARY> show collections
WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 })
{ "_id" : ObjectId("592436a25273c93ad95b1099"), "firstname" : "Maria", "city" : "Banglore" }

Now, Check the database name by giving the below command.

testset:PRIMARY> show dbs
admin   0.031GB
imongo  0.031GB
local   1.577GB

You can verify the Database you are in currently. Use the below command for the same.