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MySQL – Dropping Views


MySQL - Dropping Views

A MySQL view is an expression that represents a table in the form of a SQL query. There is an associated name associated with it in the database.

By using the DROP VIEW statement, we can delete an existing view.


The following is the syntax of the DROP VIEW statement:

DROP VIEW view_name;

The view_name is the name of the view that is to be deleted.


As an example, here is how to drop the view “high_salary_employees”:

DROP VIEW high_salary_employees;

MySQL - Dropping Views

A view that has been dropped from the database is permanently removed and all the data contained within it will be lost. The dropped view will also affect any other views or objects that are dependent upon it, and you may be required to drop them as well.

Additionally, you must be able to drop views in the database if you have the necessary privileges.