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New look to old video games with the help of AI

The recent trend in Artificial Intelligence  is modifying the old video games by giving a new look. It sounds so exiting right!!!!

According to Fans this can be possible by Machine learning by improving the graphics in classic games.

“AI Upscaling” is the technique used where you feed an algorithm a low-resolution image, and based on training data is seen, it spits out a version that looks the same but has more pixels in it. Upscaling was a general technique but with the use of AI it has drastically improved its speed and quality.

For designing a video game it requires lots of patience, hard work and skilled craft people and knowledge about the work. Modders have to pick the right tool before putting in hundreds of hours of work to polish the final results.

A game may or may not be good fit for upscaling, and not every upscaling algorithm produces similar results. It takes less time when compared with the previous games, as only one moderator is enough to restore the graphics in few weeks rather than a team has to work for years together.

Hence by creating new graphics for old games  takes a lot of work, explains a modder who goes by the name hidfan. Took at least 200 hours of work to weak the algorithm’s output and clean up final images by hand.

Hidfan says  AI upscaling algorithms involves lot of noise and a lot of manual editing is still required and he also says for cleaning up a visual of a monster it takes around 5 to 15 hours ,depending on how complex the animation is.

According to Hidfan says Just because AI is involved, doesn’t mean human labor isn’t. Apart from Upscaling algorithm, Animation, machine learning it also involves human intervention.

How it works?

Startup taking a type of algorithm known as a generative adversarial network (GAN) and train it on millions of pairs of low-res and high-res images. “Once it start seeing  these millions of photos many, many times it starts to learn what a high resolution image looks like when it sees a low resolution image,”

The game titles are so impressive, like  DoomHalf-Life 2Metroid Prime 2Final Fantasy VII, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Even more recent fare like 2010’s Mass Effect 2 has got the AI-upscaling treatment.

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