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Top 30 NLP interview question and answers

I will introduce you Top 30 most frequently asked NLP interview question and answers. It is the one-stop resource from where you can boost your interview preparation.If you are aspiring to start your career in the NLP programming language, then you must know the Frequently Asked Questions in any NLP Interview to help you out, we have gathered a list of NLP interview questions. Mastering these questions would help you in cracking the NLP Interview at a very first attempt. Let’s jump into the question and answer part.


1. What Is Nlp?

2. List Some Components Of Nlp?

3. List Some Areas Of Nlp?

4. Define The Nlp Terminology?

5. What Is The Significance Of Tf-idf?

1. What Is Part Of Speech (pos) Tagging?

2. What Is Pragmatic Analysis In Nlp?

3. Explain Dependency Parsing In Nlp?

4. What Is Pac Learning?

5. What Are The Different Categories in The Sequence of Learning Process?

6. What Is Sequence Learning?

7. What are The General Principle Of An Ensemble Method?

8. What Is Bagging And Boosting In Ensemble Method?

9. What Is The Difference Between Heuristic For Rule Learning And Heuristics For Decision Trees?

10. What is applications of NLP ?

12. What is tokenization ?

12. What are stop words ? 

13. What is Noise Removal ? 

14. What is Wordnet ? 

15. What is NLG (Natural language Generation) ?

16. What is NLU (Natural language understanding) ?

17. What is Corpus ? 

18. What is N- Gram, Unigram, Bigram  and Trigram? 

19. What is Language modeling ? 

20. What is Latent semantic analysis ?

21. What are word embedding libraries ? 

22. What is word2vec ? 

23. What is Glove ? 

24. What is Fasttext ? 

25. What is Genism ?

26. What is text mining ? 

27. What is Information Extraction ? 

28. What is object standardization ? When it will be used ? 

29. What is Topic Modeling ? When we will do it ?

30. What is document-term matrix ?