/    /  NLP- Interview questions Part 3

1. What Is Sequence Learning?

Answer: Sequence learning is a method of teaching and learning in a logical manner.


2. What are The General Principle Of An Ensemble Method?

Answer: The general principle of an ensemble method is to combine the predictions of several models built with a given learning algorithm in order to improve robustness over a single model.


3. What Is Bagging And Boosting In Ensemble Method?

Answer:  Bagging is a method in ensemble for improving unstable estimation or classification schemes. Although, boosting method are used sequentially to reduce the bias of the combined model. Both the methods can reduce errors by reducing the variance term.


4. What Is The Difference Between Heuristic For Rule Learning And Heuristics For Decision Trees?

Answer:  The difference is that the heuristics for decision trees evaluate the average quality of a number of disjointed sets while rule learners only evaluate the quality of the set of examples that is covered with the candidate rule.


5. What is applications of NLP ?

Answer:  Text classification, Text summarization, Name entity reorganization, part of speech tagging, language model building, Machine translation, Spell checking, speech reorganization, character reorganization.