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1. Category : Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Health Diagnostics, Industrial, Medical, Natural Language Processing

2. Domain : Artificial Intelligence

3. Founders : Eric Xing, Ning Li, Qirong Ho

4. Established : 2016

5. Number of Employees : 101 – 250

6. Operating Status : Active

7. Funding status : Not disclosed

8. Website : www.petuum.com

9. Country : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

10. Latest in News: Petuum make a compelling and informative case for AI

Petuum enhances solutions using Artificial Intelligence and combine powerful technology, world-class talent, cut down costs and customer domain-specific knowledge to solve complex real-world challenges in a simple, cost-effective manner and are operationalized on the Petuum Symphony AI platform.

This platform delivers distributed and parallelized data processing as well as machine learning and deep learning workflows, at scale in every environment.

Petuum Industrial enterprises are on a constant quest to improve yield, improve quality and lower costs while meeting sustainability goals. They deliver sophisticated data processing capabilities, robust deep learning and machine learning techniques.

Petuum AI delivers standardized integrations with operational control systems for solutions that learn and adapt continuously and offer a multi-layered, multi-faceted understanding of complex industrial systems.  

They absorbs a variety of data types including time series data, images, unstructured log data, structured data and more, to learn and deliver precise forecasts of hundreds of parameters. 

Petuum automatically anticipates changes in variables based on operator actions and adjusts operating conditions for the best metrics and integrates with existing plant and corporate data infrastructures such as OSIsoft PI systems and control systems.

Petuum’s Symphony is an end-to-end artificial intelligence software platform. It removes barriers to AI adoption with standardized methods to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain cutting-edge AI solutions.

They focus on Supercharge Enterprise Intelligence & Productivity to all sizes to harness the power of AI, for superior decision making, and new business initiatives

Removes AI Adoption Barriers by Eliminating AI expert deficiencies across the spectrum and accelerate AI adoption cycles from months to days.

To elevate any commodity hardware into a distributed AI “supercomputer” without incurring additional operational overhead and complexity, in order to lower total costs.

Therefore it simply redefine ML and DL model creation, training, testing, deployment, maintenance, and management via an integrated and containerized AI platform that can run on any hardware, any cloud, and in any environment.

By this, many hardware and AI applications can be created and managed from a single laptop or terminal, driving higher productivity, better service, lower costs, and faster delivery. 

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