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Police to use AI to counter deepfake videos (i2tutorials)

Police to use AI to counter deepfake videos

Report: A senior police officer of New Delhi said that Artificial Intelligence will help to counter deepfake videos circulating on the social media. As per the investigation they found that deepfake videos were posted through social media accounts operating out of Delhi and such videos have fuelled the violence. 

These officers are taking the help of cyber experts to detect deepfake videos with the help of Artificial Intelligence. They have  come across more than 30 old videos of violence that happened in U.P., Bihar and other parts of the country that were posted as Jamia Millia Islamia incident. Fake or morphed videos shared via social media have contributed to the violence in Jamia Nagar.

He further said that they have been contacting social media influencers to pass the message about these deepfake videos and appeal to people to maintain peace. False conspiracies like loss of life and police opening fire on students are proliferating via WhatsApp and it has caused a lot of destruction during the Jamia incident. As these videos are making rounds in the social media.

The officers have been working with a team of cyber experts; have identified several Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram accounts indulged in rumour-mongering. The videos of bus burning, stone-pelting and police firing tear gas shells shot during Jamia protest will be used on other parts of the country to create unrest. They are keeping a track on such activities in order to maintain peace.

Source: The Hindu

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