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1. How Is Python Thread Safe?

Answer: Python ensures safe access to threads. It uses the GIL mutex to set synchronization. If a thread loses the GIL lock at any time, then you have to make the code thread-safe.

For Instance, many of the Python operations execute as atomic such as calling the sort() method on a list.


2. Is Python List A Linked List?

Answer: A Python list is a variable-length array which is different from C-style linked lists.

Internally, it has a contiguous array for referencing to other objects and stores a pointer to the array variable and its length in the list head structure.


3. What Are Errors And Exceptions In Python Programs?

Answer: Errors are coding issues in a program which may cause it to exit abnormally.

On the contrary, exceptions happen due to the occurrence of an external event which interrupts the normal flow of the program.

4. Explain the Difference Between an Iterator And Iterable?

Answer: The collection type like a list, tuple, dictionary, and set are all iterable objects whereas they are also iterable containers which return an iterator while traversing.Here are some advanced-level Python interview questions.


5. How Does The Ternary Operator Work In Python?

Answer: The ternary operator is an alternative for the conditional statements. It combines true or false values with a statement that you need to test.

Let’s see an example below.

 [onTrue] if [Condition] else [onFalse]

x, y = 40, 30smaller = x if x < y else yprint(smaller)



6. What Does The “Self” Keyword Do?

Answer: The self is a Python keyword which represents a variable that holds the instance of an object.

In almost, all the object-oriented languages, it is passed to the methods as a hidden parameter.


7. What Are The Different Methods To Copy An Object In Python?

Answer: There are two ways to copy objects in Python.

– copy() function

It makes a copy of the file from source to destination.

It’ll return a shallow copy of the parameter.

– deepcopy() function.

It’ll return a deep copy of the parameter that you can pass to the function.



8. Which Package Is The Fastest Form Of Python?

Answer: PyPy provides maximum compatibility while utilizing CPython implementation for improving its performance.The tests confirmed that PyPy is nearly five times faster than the CPython. It currently supports Python

9. List Down Some Of The PDB Commands For Debugging Python Programs?

Answer: Here are a few PDB commands to start debugging Python code.

– Add breakpoint (b)

– Resume execution (c)

– Step by step debugging (s)

– Move to the next line (n)

– List source code (l)

– Print an expression (p)


10. What Is The Command To Debug A Python Program?

Answer: The following command helps run a Python program in debug mode.

$ python -m pdb python-script.py