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Python Should Be Official Corporate Language With English?

So what is Python?

Python (Python, Python) is a scripting programming language. Unlike C, it is executed exactly at the moment when we launch it. Until the last moment, a program is just a text.

And how is it better than other languages?

Python is logical. There are not many shares of other languages. Python was originally well designed, so it’s enough to understand its logic once to write code. Code formatting is part of the language.

Python’s popularity continues to grow. It is used in large companies and startups. For example, Instagram, Intel, Positive Technologies, Eve Online, Houdini.

Cool. So what exactly is it used for?

Python is often used to create plugins and scripts. This is convenient – thanks to the logic of the language, scripts are created simply. The developers of online games create a game in the same language, and for scripts within the game, such as the interaction of characters and scenes, it is often used that is Python.

Apply Python and in system administration, by development of web applications, for the scientific purposes.

Listen, I don’t know programming at all. Probably not pull?

On the contrary. Python has a low entry threshold. To start programming, one class is enough. That is, you begin to learn the language, and you can create the first simplest program in half an hour. Python is well suited as a first programming language.

And if I’m not so new to programming?

Especially worth exploring Python. At a minimum, it is suitable as the first scripting language. Or, if you have mastered C ++ and are afraid to go further, learn Python. It will help balance the knowledge. With such knowledge, you can, for example, write your own bild system. If you work as a system administrator, then Python will help you delve into automation. The many things do not have to do with your hands.

In general, for those who already know how to write code, Python helps to go beyond their technology stack.

And what exactly are taught on the program in the “Netology”?

To start, learn to use the strengths of the language and development tools (IDE, Lint, debugging). We show how to use the language for everyday tasks. We will teach you to use Python to collect and analyze data.

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