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Python vs Cpython

Python vs Cpython

Python is a General Purpose programming language that is dynamically typed. It has a large standard library. 


Cpython is the default implementation of Python and the one which we get onto our system when we download Python from its official website. 


Cpython compiles the python source code file with .py extension into an intermediate bytecode which is usually given the .pyc extension, and gets executed by the Cpython Virtual Machine. This implementation of Python provides maximum compatibility with the Python packages and C extension modules. 


There are many other Python implementations such as IronPython, Jython, PyPy, CPython, Stackless Python and many more.


Note: CPython does not translate our Python code to C. Instead, it runs an interpreter loop. Cython is a project that translates Python code to C. This adds a few extensions to the Python language and compiles our code to C extensions, a code that is capable of running in the CPython interpreter.


So, Python is a language and Cpython is an implementation of this language that runs and executes this Python code. 

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