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Top 100 R programming interview question and answers

I will introduce you Top 100+ most frequently asked R programming interview question and answers. It is the one-stop resource from where you can boost your interview preparation.If you are aspiring to start your career in the R programming language, then you must know the Frequently Asked Questions in any R programming Interview to help you out, we have gathered a list of R programming interview questions. Mastering these questions would help you in cracking the R programming Interview at a very first attempt. Let’s jump into the question and answer part.


1. What is R?

2. Explain the data import in R language.

3. How to communicate the outputs of data analysis using R language.

4. How R commands are written?

5. What is t-tests () in R?

6. What are the disadvantages of R Programming?

7. Explain what is the use of With () and By () function in R?

8. In R programming, how missing values are represented?

9. What is the use of subset() and sample() function in R?

10. Explain what is transpose.

11. What are the advantages of R?

12. Which is the function used for adding datasets in R?

13. How you can produce co-relations and covariances?

14. What is difference between matrix and dataframes?

15. What is difference between lapply and sapply?

16. What is the difference between seq(4) and seq_along(4)?

17. How can you start the R commander GUI. Explain?

18. What is the memory limit of R?

19. How many data structures R has?

20. Explain how data is aggregated in R.

21. How many sorting algorithms are available?

22. Explain how to create new variable in R programming?

23. What are R packages?

24. What is the workspace in R?

25. What is the function which is used for merging of data frames horizontally in R?

26. what is the function which is used for merging of data frames vertically in R?

27. What is the power analysis?

28. What package is used for power analysis in R?

29. Which method is used for exporting the data in R?

30. Which packages are used for exporting of data?

31. How impossible values are represented in R?

32. Which command is used for storing R object into a file?

33. Which command is used for restoring R object from a file?

34. What is the use of coin package in R?

35. Which function is used for sorting in R?

36. What is the use of tapply?

37. When the application object does not handle an event, and then happens?

38. In what way app specific objects store the app contents.

39. Explain the purpose of using UIWindow object?

40. Tell me the super class of all view controller objects.

41. How to create axes in the graph?

42. What is the use of abline() function?

43. Why vcd package is used?

44. What is GGobi?

45. What is iPlots?

46. What is the use of lattice package?

47. What is fitdistr() function?

48. Which data structures are used to perform statistical analysis and create graphs.

49. What is the use of sink() function?

50. Why library() function is used?

51. Why search() function is used?

52. On which type of data binary operators are worked?

53. What is the use of doBY package?

54. Which function is used to create frequency table?

55. Define loglm() function.

56. What is the use of corrgram() function?

57. How to create scatterplot matrices?

58. What is the use of diagnostic plots?

59. Define anova() function.

60. What is cv.lm() function?

61. Define leaps().

62. Define relaimpo package.

63. Why car package is used?

64. Define robust package.

65. What is robustbase?

66. Define plotmeans().

67. What is the full form of MANOVA?

68. What is the use of MANOVA?

69. Define mshapiro.test( ).

70.Define barlett.test().

71. What is fligner.test()?

72. Define hovplot().

73. Which variables are represented by lower case letters?

74. Which variables are represented by upper case letters?

75. What is logistic regression?

76. Define Poison regression.

77. Define Survival analysis.

78. What is the use survfit() function?

79. Define survdiff().

80. What is coxph()?

81. In which package survival analysis is defined?

82. What is the use of MASS package?

83. Define qda().

84. Define lda().

85. What is the use of forecast package?

86. Define auto.arima().

87. What is principal() function?

88. What is FactoMineR?

89. What is the full form of CFA?

90. What is the use of boot.sem() function?

91. What is the full form of SEM?

92. Which function performs classical multidimensional scaling?

93. Define isoMDS().

94. Which function perform individual difference scaling?

95. What is pvclust() function ?

96. Define cluster.stats() ?

97. What we use party package?

98. Which package provide the bootstrapping?

99. Define MATLAB package.

100. What is the use of Matrix package?