/    /  R programming – Interview questions Part 7

1. Define leaps().

Answer: It is used to perform the all-subsets regression and it is defined under the leaps package.


2. Define relaimpo package.

Answer: It is used to measure the relative importance of each of the predictor in the model.


3. Why car package is used?

Answer: It  provide a variety of regression including scatter plots, variable plots and it also enhanced diagnostic.


4. Define robust package.

Answer: It provides a library of robust methods including regression.


5. What is robustbase?

Answer: It is a package which provides basic robust statistics including model selection methods.


6. Define plotmeans().

Answer: It is define under gplots package which includes confidence intervals and it produces mean plot for single factors.


7. What is the full form of MANOVA?

Answer: MANOVA stands for multivariate analysis of variance.


8. What is the use of MANOVA?

Answer: By using MANOVA we can test more than one dependent variable simultaneously.


9. Define mshapiro.test( ).

Answer: It is a function which defines in mvnormtest package. It produces the Shapiro-wilk test for multivariate normality.


10.Define barlett.test().

Answer: Barlett.test() is used to provide a parametric k-sample test of the equality of variances.