/    /  R programming – Interview questions Part 9

1. In which package survival analysis is defined?

Answer: Survival analysis is defined under the survival package.


2. What is the use of MASS package?

Answer: MASS functions include those functions which performs linear and quadratic discriminant function analysis.


3. Define qda().

Answer: qda() prints a quadratic discriminant function.


4. Define lda().

Answer: lda() is used to print the discriminant functions which is based on centered variable.


5. What is the use of forecast package?

Answer: It provides the functions which are used for automatic selection of ARIMA and exponential models.


6. Define auto.arima().

Answer: It is used to handle the seasonal as well as non-seasonal ARIMA models.


7. What is principal() function?

Answer: It is define in psych package which is used to rotate and extract the principal components.


8. What is FactoMineR?

Answer: It is a package which includes quantitative and qualitative variables. It also includes supplementary variables and observations.


9. What is the full form of CFA?

Answer: CFA stands for Confirmatory Factor Analysis.


10. What is the use of boot.sem() function?

Answer: It is used to bootstrap the structural equation model.