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Advantages of React JS


Advantages of React JS:

  1. Short Learning Curve
  2. Enables Building Rich UI
  3. Facilitates Creation of Custom Components
  4. It Boosts Developer Productivity
  5. Quick Rendering
  6. SEO-Friendly
  7. Helpful Developer Toolset


Short Learning Curve:

In comparison with other frameworks(like angular), React JS is very easy to learn, pushing it up the popularity charts. This allows web developers to complete their projects on time.


Businesses were up and running online in minimal time.


Enables Building Rich UI:

he UI of a web app is extremely important to present days. The web app with a great UI that offers exciting browsing and the shopping experience to users definitely has much better chances of succeeding than one with a poor interface.


You can easily develop engaging interfaces with excellent quality using React JS.


Facilitates Creation of Custom Components:

JSX enables the creation of unique components to suit your requirements; they accept HTML coding and ease the rendering of more sub-components.


It also facilitates the development of web apps that are high volume and helps to create React Element trees from HTML mockups.


It Boosts Developer Productivity: 

Developers can just add text fields, buttons, tags, or other simple elements, attributes, and in the next stage, place them in wrapper components, and eventually to the root element.


The React main advantage here is that it offers improved maintenance and growth, security of the code since each and every React component has a unique internal logic that can be easily operated.


Quick Rendering:

You need to define the web app structure at the outset if you are a web developing a complex, high-load web application.


It is here that the virtual DOM(Document Object Model) feature becomes valuable. The DOM(Document Object Model ) structure is like a tree.


This means that a small edit made at a top-level layer can hit the web app UI hard. Thanks to virtual DOM(Document Object Model ), all changes can be first tested in it to determine the risk level with each and every modification before finalizing it.


This way, web developers can guarantee superior UX and high performance of the app.



For any web app to do well, it is important that search engines like it(SEO); two factors are critical for apps: fast load time and rendering. If both these boxes are ticked, and your web app will rank higher on Google result pages.


The super-fast rendering advantages of React bring down the load time of the page drastically. The enables businesses to get their developed web apps ranked on the first page of Google search.


Helpful Developer Toolset: 

Facebook has included several web developer tools for React and Chrome in the react js framework. They help web developers immensely in discovering parent and child components, observing their hierarchies, and examine their present state, and so on.


Through self-learning, web developers will be able to use the emerging technologies in actual, live, projects.