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Robot lawyer officially assists refugee application


Joshua Browder’s chat bot developed for DoNotPay was originally designed to help users solve the problem of traffic tickets. Till now, DoNotPay has successfully overturned more than 200,000 dispute tickets in London, New York, and Seattle. At the same time, it is also unable to pay. Lawyer fees provide free housing counseling services. Not long ago, the 20-year-old Stanford University student Browder has successfully enabled his chat bots to help provide refugees with legal asylum.

The chatbot is the result of more than six months of work with Browder and many other lawyers who provide training. “This question is too complicated, so I want to make sure I’m done,” Browder told The Guardian magazine. “In the entire development process. I kept asking the lawyers for advice and constantly changing them. It took many months, but we wanted to make sure we were done.” Now it helps refugees fill out refugee applications in the US and Canada, while also providing in the UK. Legal aid.

Refugees can chat with lawyers and no longer have to do it themselves, and all this can be done in simple English. “The language in the application form is very complicated,” says Browder. The chat bot asks the user via chat. A series of questions to decide how to fill out the application information. “Once the application form is sent out, the information will be deleted from the robot server.”

People-friendly law:

Browder chose Facebook Messenger as his platform for robots. “It can adapt to almost all terminals, which makes it easier for more than one billion users to use.” He said. Because Messenger may not be able to guarantee encryption for every communication. So Browder encrypts each time Facebook communicates with his server. “I expected to open the service on the WhatsApp platform because WhatsApp is more international,” Browder added.

“As an immigration attorney, I think the main benefit of using advanced chatbot technology is in the asylum application process,” said immigration attorney Sophie Alcorn. “It can make the application process easier and allow legal aid agencies to serve more customer.”

And that’s the main idea of ​​Browder’s work. When DoNotPay initially helped deal with parking ticket disputes, it simplifies the often complex legal language. “Asylum seekers try to comply with the law and properly perform a series of operations on this technology. Help,” added Alcorn.

Browder’s chat bot also shows how artificial intelligence can greatly improve our lives. This chat bot is not the first artificial intelligence involved in the legal field. Earlier IBM Watson developed a robotic lawyer named Ross, which has already considered human rights in Europe. Case. But the special significance of Browder’s work is that it is more convenient for most people to apply simply. Every Facebook Messenger user who can use the Internet can easily benefit from their service.

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