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SENSETIME (i2tutorials)


Artificial intelligence is now one of the most helpful inventions for humanity’s. We will analysis and build safe AI systems that will make a way to resolve issues and advance scientific discovery for all.

SenseTime’s mission is to confirm that artificial general intelligence by that we tend to mean extremely autonomous systems that surpass human’s at the most economically valuable work benefits all of humanity. We’ll conceive to directly build safe and helpful AGI, however, we also will think about our mission consummated if our work aids others to realize this outcome.  We are a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning specialists and a lot of, operating along to advance the state of the art in AI. We want to use our technologies for public profit and scientific discoveries. Also collaborate with others on vital challenges, making certain safety and ethics are the best priority.

We are always fascinated by advance intelligence. It’s what offers us the flexibility to resolve issues, realize artistic ideas, and build the scientific breakthroughs that engineered the planet we tend to sleep in these days. So many discoveries expect us, and then several challenges to our eudemonia and atmosphere are nonetheless to be solved. Just like the astrophysicist telescope that helps us see deeper into the house, we tend to aim to make advanced AI typically referred to as Artificial General Intelligence to expand our information and realize new answers. By finding this, we tend to believe we tend to might facilitate individuals to solve thousands of issues.

The deep learning and pc vision technologies we’ve developed square measure already powering industries spanning across education, healthcare, smart city, automotive, communications, and recreation. Today, our technologies square measure sure by over 700 customers and partners around the world to assist address global challenges. Going forward, we try to empower a lot of industries with our AI platform and build a stronger AI system in conjunction with business and domain.

We have specialists whom are working for advance technologies and finding ways to real world challenges. Our groups work across a number of the foremost advanced challenges in applied science. Our exploring topics are neurobiology, robot language, machine learning and so on.

We will cordially welcome those people who will come to us for AI. SenseTime has offices in port, Asian country, Japan, and Singapore. For a lot of info, please visit SenseTime’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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