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Senso.ai (i2tutorials)


  • Category:- Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Software
  • Domain:- cloud-based AI platform
  • Founders:-  Nick Seelert, Saroop Bharwani
  • Established:- 2017
  • Number:- 11-50
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:- Seed
  • Website:- www.senso.ai
  • Country:- Canada
  • Latest in news:- Senso.ai raised CA$1,500,000 / Seed from BreakawayGrowth Fund and 2 other investors.


Senso is the world’s leading predictive AI solution. It works to bring solutions to the most complicated problems that are faced by financial institutions in this fast-paced and changing world.

Senso aims to create the most robust vertical data infrastructure in the world to increase innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) products under the financial services industrial setup.

Senso is the best cost-effective way to increase your product performance and experience of customers quickly and materially. All this with less risk and high chances of profitability.


  • It can build strong data pipelines to unleash the power of AI using your data.
  • It increases the portfolio performance by minimizing attrition in your credit portfolios.
  • It takes a data-driven initiative to remain ahead of your competitors and new entrants in the market.
  • It discovers predictive audience’s month in advance.
  • It enhances the experience of customers and minimizes risk by changing a reactive approach into proactive.
  • It protects the privacy and safety of customers.
  • It channels the optimization and allows constant improvement cycle to flow.
  • It constantly activates models to test and learn.


Retention Optimization

It reveals powerful correlations and also provides insights for mortgages and credit product portfolios. It helps to anticipate profitability to the business, customer behavior, and churn propensity. 

Acquisition Optimization

It monitors the market activities based on facts like location, life stage, and seasonality so that relevant and suitable marketing initiatives can be taken on time. It helps to acquire new customers for the business.

Channel Optimization

Senso optimizes the pricing and personalizes communication channels. This way, it generates the right offers at the right time. Senso is integrating into major CRM’s and advertising platforms. It enables a constant improvement cycle.

Secure and Compliant

Senso uses server-side encryption with AES-256 to keep your data safe. We make sure that all data is kept in a secure data center within your home country.

How Senso Works?

Senso’s automated workflows generate provides anticipated audiences to grab and retain new customers.

  1. Align First and Third-Party Data
  2. Machine Learning Infrastructure
  3. Generate Predictive Audiences
  4. Targeted Customer Treatment


Senso makes it easy for financial institutions to put intelligence into current workflows to get successful portfolios. It includes:

  • AI Engine Layer
  • Data Anonymization and Alignment
  • Continuous improvement
  • Build Protective Audiences


Senso was developed to do things in a different way in an industry that was rapidly changing. Combining innovation and technology, they provide solutions that help their clients to earn more success in unexpected ways.

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