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Solr – Documents:

We have completed the Solr installation process both in windows and Linux systems. Now it is the time to understand the things in practical. So, we need to learn how to work with Solr and its data. In this tutorial, we will learn about the Documents in Solr.

Let us understand how the data represents in Solr. It is very simple. First we need to input lot of information or data to Solr where it will get that data through different files like XML, JSON, CSV or Rich documents. Whatever, the data that we provide through these files will be saved in Solr which is called as Indexing or updating. By using Queries, we can fetch or search the fields even for small piece of information from the Solr.

What Exactly a Document mean?

One or more fields which contains piece of information that representing a set of data is called a Document.
In Database (RDBMS) terminology, a document represents a row in a table.

For example, document about the customer contains customer name, address, and contact information. All these fields contain individual pieces of information together form a Document.

Example of a Document in JSON format:

CustomerName: “John”,
Mobile: “7232349852”,
City: “NewYork”