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  • Category:- Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software
  • Domain:- AI provides artificial intelligent solutions like personal assistants, robots, help desks, and chatbots for companies.
  • Founders:- 
  • Established:- 2017
  • Number:- 1-10
  • Operating Status:- Active
  • Funding Status:-
  • Website:- susi.ai
  • Country:- Singapore
  • Latest in news:-

Why the World Urgently Needs Suki Services

Technically, any invention which stands a chance of improving healthcare in the world is always more than welcome. One such organization is the Suki firm. Suki is a voice-based digital helper for the doctors. The firm was founded in 2017 by Karthik Rajan and Punit Soni.

Suki boasts of three headquarters regions, namely, Silicon Valley, West Coast, and San Francisco Bay Area. The company focuses on seven specific categories. These are artificial intelligence, healthcare, machine learning, natural language processing, as well as software development. Currently, the company brags of over 40 employees and an estimated yearly revenue of $1.5 Million, and the revenue is to bound to improve with time.

What makes Suki a useful invention?

  • Helpful in the medical report documentation, Suki provides useful information used by doctors to prepare crucial medical documents. All the doctor requires to do is to tell the system of the relevant notes and orders and leave the rest to the application. It’s reported that the app assists the medics to minimize the documentation time by a staggering seventy-six percent.
  • Quick access to crucial information; Suki software provides easy access to relevant information such as a patient’s past medication, signs, and symptoms, among other details by use of the voice. Additionally, the system provides highly accurate and verifiable information hence improving the diagnosis and treatment of the patients.
  • Saves time for doctors; Suki, a voice assistant, helps doctors to spend more time listening to patients rather than on typing of electronic health records. This not only saves the medic’s energy but also provides ample time for the doctor to examine a patient hence provide the most appropriate medication. What’s more, it makes the job be less stressful, less laborious, and problematic.
  • Voice assistant has enabled independent living; Unlike in the past, patients can now use the tech assistant to activate assistant through the use of their voices. Additionally, the clients can also get constant reminders, which is highly relevant, especially to the aged, since they are more susceptible to forgetfulness.

How can one register to use Suki?

For one to use the service, they must begin by creating an account. This is possible by visiting the company’s official website,suki.ai. The beauty of Suki is that a new customer qualifies to get a free trial of the service before they begin to pay for the service. The free trial allows the first-user to evaluate the service to weigh the company’s professionalism and efficiency.

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