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IoT: The New Technology


Internet of things devices are connected through a network of household appliances, electronics, as well as more complex systems, managed through a single smart center. Automobile, kitchen appliances, lighting, climate, heating and air conditioning systems is an incomplete list of devices that can be connected to the Internet of Things.

According to experts, every year the number of smart things will only grow. In the American company for the production of network equipment Cisco predicts that by 2020 there will be about 50 billion pieces in the world.

What is an IoT device?

The Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Things, includes several concepts. These are the devices themselves that go online; This is a standalone way to connect M2M, that is, the machine to the machine without the participation of a living being; and this is Big Data, that is, big data that smart devices can generate and which then need to be analyzed and systematized.

 Where are IoT devices used?

IoT devices are not only household appliances, for example, a smart refrigerator that can order food itself or a coffee machine that prepares coffee on schedule. It also includes field sensors, drones in public transport, or unified systems for monitoring city activities. The scope of application of Internet devices is so wide that it is difficult to put in your head. But you can still try.

Smart things are used in any industry where you can automate some processes, or where there is a need to monitor the operation of objects or equipment, for example, in factories or farms. They are also used for data collection and subsequent analysis. The most common areas of using the Internet of Things today are:

  • production of household appliances, equipment for smart home systems;
  • Smart City service (construction of smart cities and its components);
  • logistics;
  • agrarian sector;
  • medicine;
  • security systems;
  • production of unmanned vehicles.

According to the predictions of experts, Internet devices will soon surround us everywhere. However, it will not be possible to install such devices in your home due to the lack of uniform standards and technologies for connecting smart devices. After all, they can be designed for the US market, and in Ukraine or Russia, these devices will not want to “be friends” with domestic outlets.

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