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Why You Should Create A Website Using Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Technology

Now a days successful trading companies actively introduce innovative technologies into their work: chatbots, voice and video search for goods and other possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.

According to Gartner , all major companies engaged in e-commerce, by 2021, will use voice and even video-search products. Moreover, the use of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence in the development of websites will allow online shops to better understand the needs and moods of their consumers. In consequence, commercial companies will be able to offer each buyer a product that exactly meets his needs, based on an analysis of the user’s preferences. Futurologists predict that by 2020, companies that apply innovations based on Artificial Intelligence will increase their profits by 30%.

Let’s figure out why it’s worth using Artificial Intelligence solutions to create a modern website.

1. An even faster search:

Modern users want to get the information they are interested in as quickly and easily as possible. Voice search is already very popular among young people. It is worthwhile in advance to foresee the possibility of easily finding your website on the Internet with the help of Siri and Cortana. It is also worthwhile to think about the future introduction of a voice assistant when developing a website, because the voice search function of the product will soon become a very important criterion of user loyalty.

2. Even more effective communication:

Chatbots help make the communication process more natural. Based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots will soon learn to recognize and imitate human emotions. More and more online buyers will interact with websites through chatbots. This option soon must finally destroy the barriers and make the process of online shopping comfortable and enjoyable.

Thanks to the introduction of AI, interaction with the chatbot will become similar to communicating with a real consultant in a store that sees the buyer’s reaction to a particular product, its price, quality, etc.

3. Really high-quality user experience:

Using solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, the website can be even better adapted to the needs of each individual visitor. Real-time learning technology helps to assess the mood of each user and understand his preferences. Depending on the information received, the technology allows you to change the structure of the site for each visitor, including even the search function of the website.

A few more features of Real-time learning technology:

  • On the fly, change the recommendations of goods, to the needs of a particular visitor to the site;
  • Flexibly manage prices, depending on the time of visiting the site;
  • Demonstrate personalized advertising;
  • Use specially selected video content to stimulate sales

4. A fundamentally new approach to marketing:

Machine learning, as part of the AI ​​concept, and the use of Big Data analysis, opens up huge opportunities for marketers. The above technologies allow you to make even more accurate marketing forecasts and build strategies for a specific user, based on his behavior on the site.

For example:

  • What type of goods will the buyer most likely to buy in the future;
  • What categories of goods are irritating and repulsive?
  • Preferred search channels and devices, from which this user is most convenient to make purchases;
  • Pricing plugs that are acceptable to the user;
  • Periods when the user is most inclined to make a purchase.

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