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Category:-Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Clinical Trials, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology, Medical, Software
Domain:- Tempus is a technology company that has built an operating system to battle cancer.
Founders:-  Eric Lefkofsky 
Established:-  2015
Number:- 501-1000
Operating Status:- Active
Funding Status:- Late Stage Venture
Website:- https://www.tempus.com
Country:- Chicago, Illinois, United States
Latest in news:- Chicago Tribune — Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky’s cancer-fighting tech firm, gets $80M in new funding, achieves ‘unicorn’ status


Tempus is a company in the field of technology that makes precise health real through clinical and molecular data collection and analysis. We assume that, through the power of artificial intelligence, all patients will ultimately be on their own customized treatment course, ensuring longer and healthier lives.

This reality is accelerating.

Products and Services:

They generate genomic results, the DNA, RNA, and proteomic data are analyzed on their genomic tests to recognize a genetic tumor of a person, so they can classify therapies personalized for each individual.

Then they also provide the service of transforming unstructured data. They precisely use phénotypical, medical, and outcomes data to understand each cases ‘ clinical backgrounds and build and organize clinical notes, lab reports, pathology images, and radiology scans

Coming to the deliver actionable insights, that is based on their specific molecular profile and sophisticated modeling and dynamics algorithms, their system measures thousands of medical and molecular data points, links physicians with up-to-date treatment options and important insights for patients

One of the popular aspect they have is he next Generation Sequencing. Tempus offer a wide range of sequencing services for DNA and RNA which generate high-quality somatic and germline molecular data along with a clinical environment for doctors to take decisions guided by evidence.

They know the importance of genomic sequencing, it is the next advance step to work in technical field. They may recognize genetic alterations by genomic sequencing. The strength of clinical data establishing the link between genomic alterations and associated therapeutic options are identified and priority therapies are given.

They are working towards the new approach to next-generation sequencing. Tempus provide physicians with access to a variety of sequence capabilities, all with full transcriptome and normal / tumor concordance. They work with doctors and hospitals to extend the current hospital offer by accessing enhanced analytics and an immersive learners app, which also leverages data from across our network, to next generation sequencing

The tempus is also working effortlessly towards the RNA sequencing they tend to make the high-quality RNA sequencing using their own RNA extraction protocol on every sample in our series, where the quality and quantity of the samples are enabled. Profiling the entire RNA transcriptome offers a complementary molecular knowledge that can be clinically relevant for DNA sequences. It makes impartial translocation identification medically confirmed. They are the cutting edge tech work, that is been seen is this field with such precision.

Then they have the clinical data solutions that revolutionizing how clinical data design, process, and interpret hospitals and healthcare professionals. Their efficient and innovative tools and technology turn buried text into structured data for testing, evaluation, performance measurement reporting and support for clinical decisions in oncology records, pathology reports and radiology reporting.

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