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The Best Tools That Can Help You with Programming: A Mini Guide

 Programming is a complex process but not with the right tools. Thankfully, a number of tools are available that can make programming easier for you, reduce the burden and save time.

Web as well as application development is quite a complex process. It sometimes consumes days and weeks. You keep working day and night only to find out that there are a few loopholes that still exist. Programming in general isn’t simple. It requires a lot of your time, energy, and focus.

Thankfully, there are a few tools that can help you with programming, making the entire process easier for you. If you’re unaware of them or confused about them, you’re in for a treat. In this article today, we’re going to share with you some of the best tools that can simplify programming for you. Not only will they break the process down, but they’ll also save a considerable amount of time. They include:

Rubber Duck

Most of the tools that people use for coding are pretty complicated. Starting with a complicated tool will make the entire thing 10x more difficult for you; thus, we’ll take a start from Rubber duck. It’s one of the simplest tools out there, which makes it a great option for beginners.

It’s a debugging tool to which you need to read out the code loudly and explain what needs to be done. Make sure to explain everything step-by-step. It would immediately start acting on your instructions without asking you a single question, unlike any human assistant. While it does all the work for you, you should step back and carefully evaluate every step to eliminate mistakes or errors.


Ranking second is Codewars. It’s used by millions of programmers from around the world. Even some of the most experienced programmers use Codewars. It reads pretty much every computer language and works on all the challenges on your behalf.

If anything, it helps programmers learn new languages and polish their skills. It can also help you evaluate your expertise level by stacking it up against others. It performs all such actions by providing you with high-rated solutions once you’re done sharing your own.

Code Climate

Code Climate is the most preferred tool by membership website builders. Reviewing the code for any possible mistakes or errors is, without a doubt, among the most cumbersome tasks. Needless to say, mistakes or errors in the code can complicate your program or make it buggy. Well, not with Code Climate.

It’s a great tool for analyzing your code, and that too, effortlessly. It will analyze your code from inside and out, covering everything, including possible improvements that could be made, style, security, duplication, complexity, and test coverage.

DevTools by Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a widely used web browser and it isn’t only used for general purposes. Many web developers also use Google Chrome for their web development and programming tasks. What you need to know here is that Google Chrome comes with in-built DevTools that can help diagnose possible issues and make editing easier.

Not to mention, Google Chrome offers a wide variety of plugins and extensions that are specially made for programmers. You can download as many as you want and customize a suitable environment according to your programming needs.


Another great tool for making programming easier is Codeanywhere. It’s a wonderful tool for people who are working on programming tasks as a team. It allows you and your team members to work on the code simultaneously, despite your location.

It brings along more than 70 languages, including HTML, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and more. It provides you with a clear syntax, informing you about every move that your team members make, and that too, in real-time. It has both web versions and mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Searchcode is one of the most preferred tools when it comes to programming. It can help you find solutions to every possible issue that you may encounter during programming. It can also provide you with a list of similar problems that others might have faced as well as their solutions.

It comes with around 20 billion lines of code from more than seven million projects. Therefore, it would be safe to say that whatever problem you come across, you can rely on Searchcode to find a solution, an effective way out.


Speaking of the best tools for programmers, one cannot forget about Bitbucket. It’s a web-based hosting server that is commonly used by many programmers for version control. If you’re using a private proprietary software code, Bitbucket is the most suitable option for you.

With Bitbucket, you can store your code in various repositories in order to keep a secure backup. It also brings along different collaboration tools that can help you with code as well as testing and deploying their applications.


Last but not least, Vim is another great tool for programmers. It’s one of the most popular content editors that can make programming significantly easier for you. It can provide you with an extremely configurable experience with its replacement functionality and strong search features.

Not just that, it also offers a wide range of plugins, which adds to the comfort of the programmer. The only problem is that it isn’t very user-friendly; thus, not the best option for beginners. However, if you’re already a pro at programming, you must check out Vim as it will save you a considerable amount of time as well as energy.

The Takeaway

Programming can be hectic in terms of time and effort, especially when developing web and mobile applications. It takes days and months and drains the programmer at the end of the day. The tools mentioned above can make the work relatively easy; therefore, they’re worth a try.


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