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The humanoid robot at Boston Dynamics Do Parkour

Recently, a video of a robot parkour has exploded in the Internet, and it has been rumored in the AI ​​circle. The foreign media used exaggerated words to describe, for example, “previously unimaginable feats”, “let people forget to breathe”… various Praise. The protagonist of this time is the Atlas humanoid robot. The famous writer Jian Ning also commented on Weibo, and it is more and more like a person! This robot can run, open the door, carry the box, run, and even more amazing is the future flip. The robot’s R&D team is Boston Dynamics, a robotics engineering development company owned by Alphabet. Alphabet is the name of Google’s reorganized “Umbrella Company”, which adopts a holding company structure to separate its search, YouTube, and other network subsidiaries from the R&D investment department.

In the latest video, Atlas first trots into the arena, then keeps on foot and easily jumps over a log on the ground with one leg. Please note that this jump is a single leg, and previously only legs can be set. Atlas, who trots, easily jumps on three high platforms without jumping the pace, jumping at a height of 40 cm. Atlas relies on computer vision to identify the surrounding visible markers and position themselves so that they can be accurately placed in the right place.

For a huge, heavy robot (about 160 pounds previously revealed), this is a new challenge. When the parkour jump is completed, the robot needs to control the center of gravity and power distribution, and it needs to constantly change the direction of the jump. The various parts of the Atlas need to be adjusted accordingly to accommodate this jump. According to the Boston Dynamics official, Atlas, who completed the parkour, used the entire body to control this power, continually crossing the wood and jumping on a 40-cm step. Here, its legs, arms, and even the trunk are involved in the movement.

In addition to atlas, Boston Dynamics has developed eight other robots for different uses and shapes. Boston Dynamics has developed a number of amazing robotic devices, the most eye-catching of which is the Atlas humanoid robot (Atlas, Greek mythology). In the Hercules, and the Big Dog four-legged transport robot.

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