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Tips for those who want to start programming

If you have decided to become a programmer. The reasons for this may be mass. Perhaps you are jealous of a neighbor boy who is well versed in computer hardware and says he teaches “C ++” in college. Perhaps you have seen enough of beautiful images, which depict the offices of Yandex or Google, and decided that it would be nice to work there. Finally, you just want to know how Java differs from Javascript, who Ruby and Lisp are and how PHP stands for.

In any case – we congratulate you. You made the right choice: the skills of programming and coding in our time are no less important than knowledge of the English language. We add that this process is only gaining momentum, and the profession “programmer” becomes (perhaps already has become) one of the most prestigious, interesting and highly paid.

Tip 1:

Programming is cool. Realize this fact:

Look at job openings for programmers – usually these guys are offered excellent salaries with a few zeros. Impressive?

Check out the biographies of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and other iconic figures in the IT industry. Perhaps there is already enough inspiration for the first steps in this area.

Tip 2:

Programming – a broad concept. Choose a specialization:

Do you want to write websites? Or create mobile apps? Perhaps your dream is to make application software? Or maybe you “swung” to develop a multiplayer first-person shooter? All these are different areas of activity that require different solutions.

Tip 3:

Programming is a process. Choose the right language:

The choice of PL (guess how it stands for) depends on various factors, the main ones of which are:


Basic level of knowledge in other areas – algorithms, mathematics, physics, logic and even linguistics

Specialization (see tip # 2)

Tip 4:

Programming is available. Use free online courses:

The names of such sites as Codecademy, Coursera, Udacity, Hexlet, HTML Academy – here you can take excellent courses on coding and web development for free. Of course, you need to understand that studying the materials on these resources will not make you a real programmer. But the basics will be passed, and this is important.

Tip 5:

Programming is a job for the pros:

Of course, here, above all, there are books on the topics studied. For example, excellent materials for a beginner publisher O’Reilly. In the “Head First” series you will find tutorials on C, C ++, Java, PHP and other technologies. The main thing is to be patient and concentrate on the book until you read it to the end.

Tip 6:

Programming is only the first step in a profession. Learn English:

Yes, yes, without knowledge of English will be hard. This is due to different factors. Here are just some of them: – Many good books on programming can be found only in English. Yes, and professional web-resources, too, are often in the “bourgeois” segment of the Internet. – The very knowledge of English will help to understand the terms and syntax of a programming language. For example, if you do not sleep in foreign lessons at school, then without any problems you will translate this piece of code:

if (weather == “Good”)


window.document.write(“Good Weather!”);




window.document.write(“Bad Weather…”);


And this is only a conditional operator in Javascript.

Good luck to you, programmer !

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