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Top 10 Computer Vision -Deep learning projects

Top 10 Computer Vision -Deep learning projects

What is computer vision?

It is a field of computer science that enables the computer to identify, analyze, and process the images as a human can do.

It analyzes the information which is obtained from images to get the desired output. It is linked with image processing and artificial intelligence.

Here, in this article, we are going to know about 10 computer vision –deep learning project.

Top 10 computer vision deep learning project are listed below:


  1. Image classification:

In this image classification project, it involves assigning the label to an entire image. It referred to classify the content of images.

Through image classification, we can

Labeling an x-ray cancer or not, Classification of handwriting, Assigning a name to images.


  1. Object segmentation :

Object segmentation is the segmentation of objects in an image. It classifies the object if the image containing more than one object. computer graphics, synthesis of objects, etc on which we can apply this technique. In this technique, we can design, implement, and test on several regions on a set of images based on segmentation algorithms.


  1. Face detection:

In this face detection project, the model recognizes the faces of human by mapping facial feature from a video or image, in this project we can further detect the face whose face it is by matching the data with databases. The step involved in this project is mapping features,using principal component analysis, matching the data with the database, and more.


  1. Hand gesture recognition :

In the hand gesture recognition project, we determine the gesture of the hand in day to day life. In this first, the hand is separated from the background and also palm and finger to detect finger movement. Virtual reality games, sign language, and many more are the application of hand gesture recognition.


  1. Counting Vehicles:

In this project, the vehicles are counted very accurately even in challenging scenarios ad the presence of the shadow. Vehicle counting is very helpful for traffic monitoring. the data recorded, stored, and analyze for counting the number of vehicles travel through road and also to determine the different vehicles that travel from a road. We can also classify whether the vehicle is a heavy motor vehicle or a lightweight vehicle.


  1. Object tracking :

In this object tracking project, we have to develop an object tracking system that detects the object from the background and tracking the location of an object. It consists of two-part prediction and correction. It predicts the object’s next state based on the current state of the object and corrects the state based on the true state.


  1. Detection contour :

In this, we are going to know about detection with contour.

Contours are outline or boundaries, through this, we can build a project to detect certain types of shapes. For example with round shape, we can recognize the all coins in the image. This project helps to detect objects with a different kind of shape.

  1. Barcode and QR code scanner :

As the barcode and QR use everywhere and have some information store in it. Through computer vision technology, we can detect the QR code and barcode from the image to process it further and decode the encrypted data.


  1. Colour detection:

In this color detection project, we going to detect a particular color from the image. There are almost millions of different types of color and we can’t name each of them. So we can use thousands of named colors to recognized which color resemble close to the pixel from the image.


  1. Blur the face :

we are watching in the all-news channel that the face of the person is blurred inspect to hide the identity of a person. With computer vision technology we can automatically detect the face region of the person and blur the face of a person. Thus this project help to blurring the face of the people in the video.





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