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Top 10 IoT App Development Companies in Dubai


Nowadays, IoT app development has become one of the major technological trends in the industry. It’s become the talk of the town to create digital apps and mobile apps and manage the operations of a wide range of devices. Every individual’s home, car, and workplace has interlinked with this advanced technology to become more effective than before.


IoT, one of the most superior technologies, is integrating into the products and businesses of Dubai. In Dubai, you can explore highly innovative, advanced, and committed  IoT development companies that create products & services for your business & other businesses worldwide.


Are you aware of how significant it’s to select the ideal IoT app development company in Dubai for the development of an upcoming product? If not, here is the list of trustworthy IoT app development companies that offer enormous opportunities and develop solutions for your business. So, without wasting even a minute, let’s take a close look at the top 10 companies in Dubai and identify what makes them stand out……


Suffescom Solutions Inc.


Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top-ranked provider of blockchain & IoT services to assist its clients with the integration of its next-generation & future-ready technologies. It has the true potential to empower your business and businesses across 95+ nations with its Blockchain-based IoT app development solutions.


Suffescom Solutions Inc. has 750+ team members who serve 1250+ clients across the globe in industries, namely-supply chain & logistics, automotive, pharmacy, fintech & banking, real estate, and more. The company has developed 300+ apps and delivered more than 50 projects. It provides its clients with a plethora of IoT app development solutions, including- Blockchain-as-a-service, private entities & shared devices, blockless distributed ledger, smart contract development, etc.




Number of employees:250-999

Hourly Rate:$25-$49/hr


RisingMax Inc.


RisingMax Inc. is the most proficient IoT application development company with well-experienced developers who have strong technical skills and knowledge to make the app development procedure worth building. The company assists businesses in controlling their connected devices with its highly interactive, scalable & feature-rich 250+ IoT apps and services, such as IoT development consultancy, API & backend development, IoT integration & implementation, and more.


RisingMax Inc. has well-versed IoT developers who offer solutions to scale up the productivity of SMBs, and medium and large-scale industries, namely- automobile, retail, healthcare, logistics, and more. The company has 100+ team members and  500+ satisfied clients. The client retention rate of RisingMax Inc. is 70% as it uses advanced technologies to develop apps, namely-  business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.




Number of employees:251-500

Hourly Rate:<$25/hr


Best Web3 Development


Best Web3 Development has been in the forefront of integrating the most well-known and up-to-date IoT platforms and technologies that aid in project execution. The company provides next-generation Internet of Things solutions that are feature-rich, user-friendly, and based on industry-leading technology.


Their engineers may employ IoT technologies to integrate the required hardware and software to deliver a viable solution for connected devices. They have worked with a lot of international companies that employ skilled product developers. The best feature of this organization is that they can adjust their schedule to meet your needs and time zone.





Hourly Rates:$20 – $40 / hr




DBZeus is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that serves the industry with its top-notch technology solutions such as Blockchain, data security, MS Azure Cloud, Custom Development, Managed Services, Hosting, etc. Founded in 2015, this company was awarded in 2021 as the “ Best Blockchain Development  Company” for fulfilling the requirements of specific businesses.


DBZeus is a well-recognized blockchain & software development company that offers an extensive range of blockchain services, including- blockchain consulting, custom blockchain development, smart contracts, Defi solutions, and more. In addition to this, DBZeus offers valuable information to enable the business person to approach their targeted spectators and also contributes to UAE’s growth.




Number of employees:10-49

Hourly Rate:$25-$49/hr


Appetite Creative


Appetite Creative is a renowned name among IoT app development companies. Serving since 2015, the company has developers with hands-on expertise in blockchain technology who deliver custom IoT solutions to clients worldwide, namely Amazon, Patek Philippe, Honda, Disney, Land Rover, Smirnoff, Lenovo, Chevrolet, Vodafone, BMW, Chanel, Bulgary, Bentley, Porche, Bacardi, Samsung, Hilton, Renault, Opel, Hitachi, Marriott, Mercedes, Pfizer, SkyTeam, VW, Asics, Guinness, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, Netflix, Starbucks, Fospha and many more.



With more than 7 years of experience in blockchain technology, Appetite Creative innovates unique tech solutions constantly for generating eye-catching & captivating branding or marketing campaigns. This company has a 4.7/5 rating on the clutch, which demonstrates its efficiency in driving worldwide awareness, education, and sales as well. In addition to this, Jenny Stanley is the founder of this multi-award-winning creative technology studio.




Number of employees:2-9

Hourly Rate:$150-$199/hr




Headquartered in Dubai, ParamInfo is one of the fastest-growing IT consultation providers with offices in the United States, India, and more. The company follows a result-oriented approach to offer services- data analytics, mobility & IoT, application development, eCommerce, and more. It has professional & dedicated employees specialized in analytics, product development, technology stacks, and creating softwares for visitor management, human capital management, customer experience, and more.


Being a global leader in IT services providers, ParamInfo creates tailor-made solutions to develop IoT apps and generate efficiency in your business. It’s committed to satisfying customers with a spectrum of  IoT solutions, including- strategic IoT consultancy, development of an IoT architecture, IoT data analytics, incorporating IoT into testing, data service, and services & support for IoT.



Headquarters:Dubai, UAE

Number of employees:50-249

Hourly Rate:$25-$49/hr


Etechan International


With more than 9 years of experience in IoT technology, Etechan International specializes not only in researching & developing advanced technologies but also creating and offering AI-based tools. It serves several sectors, namely-  health, education, culture & tourism, governments, games, and many more, with its end-to-end services such as-Augmented Reality, Smart Learning Solutions development, IoT, Virtual Reality, web portal, and digital media.


Etechan International has acquired an excellent level of  success and awards for offering IoT development services, including- smart city consultancy, IoT application development, home automation solutions, smart healthcare, industrial automation, and more. Altogether, the company works collaboratively and unselfishly, increasing its work efficiency as well as the quality of the deliverables.




Number of employees:2-9

Hourly Rate:NA



OrientMCT is a full-stack IoT app development company in UAE that assists startups,  SMBs, and medium & large enterprises in building IoT solutions and converting analog products into digital products. It has committed IoT app developers who use IoT platforms, firmware, and sensors to offer services from product conceptualization to ongoing IoT development services.


The company is a reliable IoT app development partner that assists you in developing IoT apps, integrating a multitude of data streams, and creating software products. Its expertise encompasses DSP and microcontroller programming, UAVs, M2M, AOSP development, and more. Apart from this, OrientMCT offers 360-Degree smart IoT solutions, proven methodologies & enterprise app solutions to enable business owners to convert analog products into digital products.




Number of employees:10-49

Hourly Rate:$25 – $49 / hr


Carmatec Global


Carmatec Global is an award-winning and global digital transformation business with 6 years of experience in the industry. The company provides its clients with a full spectrum of services to enable them to optimize, streamline, and grow their businesses. It specializes in providing not only efficient, custom-made, and impactful IoT solutions but also cost-effective & high-quality outputs to drive your business. It has developers with experience in developing IoT products, namely- enterprise scanners, mobile computers, tablets, printers, barcode scanners & imagers.


The other worthy pic on the list of IoT development companies is Carmatec Global which touches each sphere of your lives with its intelligent services related to- IoT development, digital transformation, cloud consulting, web design, eCommerce, Internet marketing, and Smart campus. It offers IoT services- standard services, signature services, support & visibility services to industries, namely- healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, transportation, telecom, automobile, retail, logistics, government & hospitality.



Headquarters:Business Center, Dubai World Central,Dubai, 390667,United Arab Emirates

Number of employees:10 – 49

Hourly Rate:$25 – $49 / hr


Data Capture Systems


Headquartered in Dubai, Data Capture Systems has 10+ branch offices located in UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh – Jeddah – Al Khobar), and Kenya. It’s a leading provider with 135+ skilled employers who have installed 5000+ products, including- printers, mobile computers, tablets, vehicle mount terminals, RFID of- Readers, Antennas, Printers, Tags, & Smart labels,


The company has 3000+ satisfied clients in a spectrum of industries, including- retail, transportation, logistics, government, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, BFSI, and more. In addition to this, the company has a partnership with ZEBRA, Honeywell, Getar, Impinj, CUSTOM, real wear, ergotron, SOTI, ATS, and more.



Headquarters:1207, Latifa Tower,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Number of employees:50 – 249

Hourly Rate:$100 – $149 / hr



Why Dubai For An IoT App Development Company?


Dubai has become one of the greatest hubs for IoT app development companies and is prominent for its extensive contribution to this specific field. The IoT app development companies in Dubai escalate your market reach and offer you  a captivating user experience for your clients. Since the Internet of Things applications have become a key element of user engagement, it has become crucial for a multitude of businesses to rely upon the strategies related to IoT applications. This way, they can generate more income and also create a digital presence.




If you are in search of top IoT app development companies in Dubai, the companies listed above are marked as the top-ranked companies in the industry for paving the way for the growth of your business. These companies have been listed on the basis of the latest market research & reviews of the clients.


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