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Top 10 libraries to build desktop(GUI) applications using python

Top 10 libraries to build desktop(GUI) applications using python

In this article, we will know about the top 10 libraries to build a desktop Graphical user interface application using python.

What is the Graphical user interface (GUI)?

Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows user to interact with different electronic devices using icon any other visual indicator. The major reason to create the GUI command-line interface was quite complicated and it was difficult to learn all command in it.


Top 10 libraries to build desktop(GUI) applications using python


Element in Graphical User  Interface :

GUI makes use of the element of the visual element and this element define the appearance of GUI.

Windows: It this element that displays information on a screen.

Menu: It has a lot of choices and allows the user to select one.

Icon: Files program web page can be express as a small picture.

Control: Information on the article can be directly read using graphical control.

Tab: It contains a text label icon.


Top 10 libraries to build a desktop(GUI) applications using python are listed below :

  1. Tkinter :

Tkinter is a standard and open-source GUI library for Python. The feature of this library is it is fast and most popular for its simplicity and flexibility feature. This library is pre-installed in python 3 so it is helpful for beginners and intermediate to get started with. The benefit of using Tkinter is the number are available, including books and code sample, as well as a large community of users who can able to solve the problem to which you are stuck. It also provides a powerful object-oriented interface. Tkinter is a desktop-oriented in comparison to a mobile platform and other .it provides various control such as buttons,labels, and text boxes used in Graphical User Interface application and these controls are called a widget. This library also allows you to run a python script in GUI format.


  1. PYQt :

PyQt is another popular, powerful, and cross-platform Graphical User interface library. This library is developed by Riverbank Computing Ltd. The PyQt can be downloaded from the official website https://riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download. It is a Python interface for Qt, which is written in c++. It is a very comprehensive library. It is available for all popular operating systems such as Windows,macOS, Linux. It has Two licensed, available under GPL as well as a commercial license.

If you want to make and release using PyQt is open-sourced and if you want it to make a commercial application then you need to purchase it.

It is available for both versions of python, python 2 and python 3.

PyQt4 is available for Python 2 as well as Python 3, whereas PyQt5 is available for Python 3 only. It includes many tool and APIs .the PyQt API is a set of modules which includes a large number of Classes and function.


  1. Kivy :

It is an open-sourced Graphical User Interfaced Python library that helps us to develop a multiplatform application on Windows, Android,macOS,IOS, Linux, and Raspberry pie. It performs better the Html 5. If you want to develop the GUI for mobile app Kivy is best. Not only it supports the inputs from mouse and keyboard in addition to this it also supports the multitouch events. This Kivy python GUI library focused on an innovative user interface. Kivy is well known good for developing GUI for android and touchscreen devices.


  1. Wxpython:

Wxpython is an open-source, free for every one python module which allows us to create a highly functional graphical user interface. Wxpython is a cross-platform GUI library written in c++. It is developed by Robin Dunn along with Harri Pasanen  and the official website to download is https://wxpython.org/

Phoenix version is an improved version of Wxpython which is based on speed, maintainability, and extensibility and it is a new implementation of Wxpython for python 3. It consists of Wxobject which is base for all classes in API and it has Graphical Device Interface (GDI) it is a set of all classes which is used for drawing widgets.


  1. Flexx :

Many python GUI libraries are written in other programming language but unlike others, it is written in pure python and Pscript. Web technology is increasingly becoming popular day by day to delivering applications to users.The Flexx GUI python library helps us to create a desktop application and web app. By using browser technology and pure python make it easily and widely available. Flex aims to support all modern browsers such as Firefox , Chrome, etc.


  1. Dabo:

Dabo is a three-tier cross-platform written in python and Wxpython repackage library. It provides database, business logic, and user interface. It is mainly designed to create a database-centric app it does not need to connect the database at all. It is simple, flexible, and robust and runs on multiplatform such as all flavors of windows, mac os, Linux, etc.

It is based on 3 – tier :

Database: It is database-centric .it supported my SQL, SQL lite, firebird, etc.

Business object: In this tire there are all business logics which helps to reinforcement the business rule  for our specification

User interface: we use to create the user interface by using control and widgets.


  1. CEF python :

CEF python is mainly for platforms such as Windows, Mac os, Linux. It is founded by  Czarek Tomczak. this is the binding of CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and web browser control based on google chrome.

This focus on the facilitation of embedded browser use in third party application. We can also use it for automated testing of an existing application and also for web scraping


  1. Platform :

Pyform is python 2.7 and python 3 cross-environment framework helps us to develop a Graphical Use Interface application. In this code, reusability is outstanding in this framework. It provides API in python to allow the execution of application developed for GUI and Web mode in terminal mode. Thus, it boosts the development productivity.


  1. PyGUI :

Py GUI is a cross-platform framework typically a graphical application. it is simplest and lightweight among all the libraries in python used to start GUI development.

It is available for Windows,Mac os, and Unix operating systems.


  1. Libavg:

Libavg is a third party library written in c++ and modern OpenGL for display output. It uses python as a scripting language and provides a high-level platform for the media-centric application. It is open-source and runs on platforms such as Linux Mac os and Windows. Libavg has a full-featured event handling system that includes support for direct manipulation and gesture recognition.

It supports a variety of display elements such as images, text video, camera output, and vector graphics. It is fast:- the layout engine supports thousands of display elements on the screen at once.


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