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Top 10 Neural network -Deep learning projects

What is a neural network?

A neural network is a series of algorithms helps to recognize relationships in a set of data through a process that fallows the way the human brain operates. It is the system of neurons.

The 10 neural networks –deep learning projects are listed below:


  1. Lung cancer detection:

Detection of cancer from the detection of a CT scan of the lung of a patient using a neural network.

Lung cancer is a difficult form of the disease to diagnosis The nodules are harder to spot and the result is detected late or some times not detected .nodules has different look it takes a long time to detect .deep learning with neural network train model using CT scan of around 500 images of lungs. Hospitals use this model to get results using a few minutes which saves many hours of doctor.


  1. Detectron :

Detectron is a deep learning research software system. It is written in python and a café deep learning framework is used. Lots of object images are used to train a model using a neural network. We can detect every object in live video, the goal is to provide high-quality detection of object detection framework.


  1. Wave Glow

Neural network deep learning is doing more advance in audio processing. WaveGlow is one of the flow-based generative networks by NVIDIA. It provides efficient and high-quality audio synthesis, without the need for autoregression.It is trained using a single network which makes the procedure simple.


  1. Weather Forecasting:

Weather forecasting is another project based on a neural network -deep learning. Neural networks are trained to understand the pattern using lots of previous data and detect the possibilities of rainfall. It performs with high accuracy.


  1. Music composition project:

The music composition project can be based on neural networks. The neural network can be trained to understand the music pattern from this it gets trained and compose fresh music.          In this way neural network -deep learning help in music composition.


  1. Google Brain:

Google Brainwork on subpart google. It works on the neural network -deep learning concept. Google brain generates detailed images from tiny pixel edit source images.

If the input is 8×8 pixel size images. It can create a 32×32 pixel image. The software extracts the detail from 64 sizes pixel image ie 8×8.


  1. Image outpainting:

If we have half part of the image of the scene and we want a full image of scenery that what image outpainting can do for you. This project is Keras implementation, high level framework is used. The image outpainting model is trained with 3500 scrapped.


  1. Face recognition:

Cameras of a smartphone can estimate the age of the person based on facial feature this is where the neural network plays an important role

It first differentiates the face from the background and encoding the lines and spots on your face to possible age.


  1. Music genere classification :

Music genre classification is one of the good projects which can classify the genre of music using neural network. First, we need to need to extract information from the audio sample and then use it to classify the music genre. This model can automatically classify the music genre.


  1. Self-driving car :

It seems like science fiction but it is reality. Apple, Tesla, Nissan is working for a self-driving car. It is aiming to design a deep neural network, an end to end neural network that can perform autonomous driving on the track, while the developed network model used for inference is possible to deploy on a low-performance hardware platform.


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