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AI failures (i2tutorials)


As we have seen only the success rates of Artificial Intelligence now that will see how many companies have shut down their business because of implementation of Artificial intelligence in the market.  Even the startups in the space fail due to reasons such as lack of required skills, unrealistic expectations, lack of funding, issues in data collection and cleaning, and other technical and non-technical issues.

Now that we will see the journey of AI in this year 2019, where many exciting innovations, some startups and projects failed to stand up to the users and investors’ expectations. 

8chan shut down after it led to many criminal cases

It was all about, where people can create uncensored speech, and for people to post anything anonymously, going forward there were controversies for quite some time, and the founder said as it is not doing any good to society, hence it’s time to shut down. As the Cloudflare which was providing infrastructural support also under scanner as, controversy heated up, following which it announced that it would stop working with 8chan. 

The rise and fall of MapR 

The company is one of the unicorns in the big data space, announced cutting down 122 jobs and shut down, as it has failed to secure additional fundings. Google-backed company about finding a potential buyer and said about postponing its shutdown. The company stated that “We are continuing to engage customers in new opportunities and supporting existing customers and partners globally, and expect to have more news on these developments shortly.”

IBM’s Watson for Oncology failed to deliver its promise

IBM’s Oncology is the most ambitious project that has been running for years was cancelled and called unsafe for treatments and any related recommendations. This was implemented to generate valuable insights from the cancer patient and research databases. IBM Watson was making erroneous and dangerous cancer treatment advise. Later found that it made such errors as the software was trained on a small number of hypothetical cancer patients, rather than real patient data.

Anki, the biggest consumer robotics maker shuts down

Anki has laid off around 200 employees as the company was struggling to meet its financial needs. It has raised money from investors such as Index Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz it was also anticipating acquisition from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Comcast, which failed to materialise. It was a big shock when Anki announced that it’s being shutting down.

Jibo, AI-based robotics startup shuts down

Jibo makers said that the existing robots will continue to respond to the voice command ‘Hey Jibo’ but will not be able to understand other voice commands. As the robot servers are going offline which will hamper most of its functionalities. It can function based on the display buttons on its touch screen display. Hence it has shut down its operations because of its limitations.

Consumer robotics business, Reach Robotics shut down its operations

Consumer robotics business was introduced to the world’s first gaming robot with seamless AR integration which was launched across various territories and developed a unique education offering.  The UK-based consumer robotics startup shut down citing the reasons that consumer robotics sector is an inherently challenging space to sustain, especially for startups.

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