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Vape Pro Techniques: Why They Burn Out & When to Replace


Vape coils play a significant role in vaping devices, be it a disposable vape, reusable device, or a rebuildable kit; all e-cigarettes require Vape coils to operate. If you are an avid vaper, you might be familiar with this term and the details, but newly switched people might get confused, so the purpose of this blog is to help such people understand the concept and ease their worries.

What Are Vape Coils:

These are wire rings made of different materials and are small in size because they have to fit inside the slim vape kit’s body. Coils ends are attached to the battery and are wrapped around a wick. When the vape battery provides current to the coil, it starts heating and turning the e-liquid into vapours. A range of resistance is found in vape coils; each has a slightly different use than the other.

Types Of Vape Coils:

Two major kinds of vape coils are widely used: sub-ohm and plus-ohm. Sub-ohm coils have less than 1-ohm resistance and are best suited for DTL vaping since they help produce thicker and bigger clouds. On the other hand, a plus-ohm coil has more than 1-ohm resistance and is used for MTL vaping; it helps provide a strong throat hit.

Difference Between Atomiser And Coil:

These are often confused as one, but an atomiser is the part of the vape kit that holds the coil and wick in the vape cartridge. On the other hand, the term ‘coil’ used separately indicates that the wick is not being discussed here. Wicks are usually made of organic, high-grade cotton that absorbs e-liquid and is trapped between coil turns. So, the atomiser means a coil and wick together.

Why Vape Coils Burn Out:

Nothing lasts forever, and the coils are heated, cooled down, and re-heated in a loop, so their efficiency decreases over time. Some external factors also affect the vape coil’s life, and some are briefly mentioned below:

  • Chain vaping is not good for the coil’s health. When you do not give the coil the required time to cool down and re-heat, you end up burning it out. Therefore, a few seconds gap is recommended between each puff.
  • Using an incompatible battery with your coil can also burn it out faster; make sure to use a suitable battery that is in accordance with your coil resistance.
  • Using highly-sweet flavours can lead to clogging since the flavour particles start residing over the coil, so this reduces the vape coil’s life.
  • In refillable pods, some people forget to prime the coil, this can lead to a dry hit, and the coil might burn the wick and render it useless. So, dripping some e-juice drops on the coil and wick prevents the burning of the vape coil after just a few puffs.

When To Replace Vape Coils:

Your vapour size and taste will indicate that it is time to change the coil. Here are some things that help point out the changing of the vape coil:

Burnt Taste:

When you start feeling a burnt taste, it means that the coil has reached its end and cannot work with the same ability as before, so it needs to be replaced. A burnt hit is extremely unpleasant and makes the vaper feel uncomfortable, but it cannot be avoided unless you change the coil.

Low Vapour Production:

When the vapours are not produced in size, such as at the start of using that device, your coil might not be working properly. The vaping style also affects the useful life of the vape coil and when the cloud size continuously decreases, you need to change the coil or the device if it is a disposable vape.

Less Vape Flavour:

The flavour can be felt quite strongly at the start of vaping sessions, but it may decrease by the end; the reason is the decrease in the coil’s efficiency. If the e-juice flavour is weak, it may be due to a worn-out coil.

In Summary:

A vape coil is a mandatory part of a vaping device and is made of different materials having different resistances. Each material and resistance of the coil gives a different vaping experience and tends to the needs of various people. The coil wears out over time or due to some external factors and needs replacing after a particular period.


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